New school buses in the Novosibirsk region

10 school buses PAZ off today in Bolotninsky, Iskitimskyi, Karasuk, Kuibyshev, Moszkowski, Uba, Cherepanovsky and Novosibirsk regions of the area.

All new buses are safe — seats are equipped with seatbelts, each row has a button to the driver, and on every bus has a retractable footrest. In addition, to enhance the security of the educational system, all school buses will be equipped with GLONASS. 

For shipping more than 10,000 children to places of learning in the Novosibirsk region opened 478 school routes. As stressed by Vladimir Nikonov, all roads that will be supply pupils are fully prepared for the new academic year.

In 2012, significantly upgraded fleet of school buses — 116 units of school vehicles will be delivered to areas of the Novosibirsk region. 

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