New station in Adler prepares for commissioning

The construction of a new six-story passenger station station "Adler". At the moment, end finishing, installation of utilities and equipment. Conducted landscaping surrounding areas. Entering the station is planned for the month of October.


Station construction began in September 2009 laying commemorative capsule into the ground. For four years, much has been done. Demolished buildings within the boundaries of land allocation, rendered engineering and communication networks, reconstructed platforms and canopies over the gatherings. Totally changed and transport scheme near the station. Construction of the terminal had to conduct surrounded by dense urban development.The station "Adler"Do not fail throughout the construction of the new terminal complex. Residents and visitors had to endure great inconvenience associated with the active transformation of the station square and platforms.

The existing station building is being renovated. All facades are painted, as in other matters, and the roof, covering the green metal roof "right" dark red paint.

At first glance it may seem that a new roof is covered with a metal tile. But no, some of the details in the form of unpainted piece of roofing paper or with traces of paint give the true state of things.

The authors sketch ideas and project development: design engineers NGO "Mostovik" together with the architects of the international engineering company Arup (UK), Completed development of a master plan for transport and logistics system station.

The chief architect of the project, the chief of the Department of Architectural Design Center NGO "Mostovik" Aleksey Danilenko talked about the project:

"The existing station square was not able to take all the passengers, the number of which has grown every year. Particularly acute was the issue of placing the required number of buses during the Olympics. On this basis, adopted a completely new layout of the station and the railway station. We have changed the orientation of the station with the city on the sea, expanding it to 180 degrees. In the "sea" of the Main Station Square, where you can quietly put all the required number of vehicles in both the Olympic and in the post-Olympic period. The layout of the station complex accepted such that a "bridge" between "urban" and "sea" part has become the main terminal building — Concourse, located over the railroad tracks, perpendicular to their direction. It is a rational decision, provided the acute shortage of land for development. "

In order to go down to the platform you need to use the stairs, and lifting — escalators, two for each of the six platforms. In addition to moving escalator passengers on the main level of the terminal provide elevators and lifts for people with limited mobility. For the visually impaired passengers on the platforms installed tactile tiles.

In the public areas and waiting rooms of equipment produced, performed commissioning of elevators and escalators, is the delivery of furniture and finish cleaning.

The main entrance for passengers arriving by bus, is located in the "sea" of the complex. Here, at the same time will be able to accommodate about 50 buses, and multi-level parking will accommodate more than 550 cars. The coastal area will be divided into small seaside park. While this area is as follows:


Builders started laying paving slabs. Within the station complex is planned to plant more than 7,300 trees and shrubs, about 300,000 of annual flowers and perennial herbaceous plants.

In the Olympics, the station "Adler" will take up to 15,000 people per hour, ensuring the free movement of participants and guests of the games in the direction of the airport, the Olympic Park in the coastal cluster and Krasnaya Polyana mountain cluster in Sochi.…index.php?ELEMENT_ID=6757 

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