New technological possibilities for the production of modern satellites in JSC ISS

In JSC "Information Satellite Systems" Academician MF Reshetnev "being mounted unique manufacturing center for the production of large-scale structures of spacecraft.

The equipment is manufactured to special order the Spanish company SORALUCE S.Coop. (DANOBAT GROUP). In the design of the machine account of the specificities of products that will be created with the help of the ASC. Specialists of the manufacturer's profit for the company to carry out installation, commissioning and commissioning of the new center.

The machine is designed for high-precision machining designs satellites unsealed version, created the ASC based on the platform of a heavy class "Express 2000". Spacecraft, which are based on this platform, have great weight and size. The new center will handle the construction of up to 10 meters, a height of 5.8 meters. The machine weighing over 200 tons will be the largest manufacturing plants in the.

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