New tools for refueling bombers entered service CVO

Adopted the air base "Shagol" (Chelyabinsk region). The Air Force and Air Defense Forces of the Central Military District (CVO) has received new unified suspended refueling units (ORM). They allow you to extend the range of bombers and significantly increase their combat capabilities.

"Thanks to the new units, bombers Su-24M can fill each other in flight, in combat conditions greatly simplifies the tasks and increases the effectiveness of operational-tactical aircraft. Indeed, earlier this involved tankers IL-78, which created some difficulties, "- said the commander of the Air Force and Air Defense District, Major General Victor Sevostianov. The rate of fuel through the overflow ORM depending on the selected mode can be up to 2 tonnes per minute. Universal design allows it to be charged with the use of different types of aircraft.

Aircrew airbase will now constantly improve the skills of in-flight refueling. Special attention will be paid to the training of young pilots.

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