New transmission lines built in the Magadan region

In the Magadan region is building a transmission line 35/110 kV "Central — Falcon — Tent" with an overhang at 110.35 kW ". February 27, in the presence of the regional administration and the Far Eastern Energy Management Company (JSC "DVEUK") installed the first anchor-angle support.

Construction and installation work is carried out in accordance with the schedule: currently holds the device 169 foundations, bearing 51 is mounted. In June 2013, will be completed transmission line section between the villages and tent Glass. Statement of energizing the remaining sections will be held in October.

"This is the first project to be implemented in the framework of a cooperation agreement between our company and the administration of the Magadan region in the development of energy infrastructure in the region. The next step is to start construction this year, 220-kilovolt high-voltage line "Orotukan — Tent — Central" — The general director of "DVEUK" Igor Dzhurko.

The total amount of investment for the two projects will amount to 18.9 billion rubles.

Earlier, at a meeting of Magadan region, which on February 21 held Acting the governor of "DVEUK" proposed to implement new grid construction projects designed to improve the reliability of the regional power grid infrastructure and create conditions for the development of mining and processing enterprises. The authorities supported the inclusion of the Kolyma promising projects worth 32.4 billion rubles in the federal programs.

The length of 35/110 kV "Central — Falcon — Tent" with an overhang at 110.35 kW "is 105 km. Construction of the line will enhance the energy security of Magadan, Ola Khasynsky and districts with a total population of over 100 thousand people, as well as large industrial consumers, such as the Kolyma gold refinery and the airport "Falcon".

The length of the 220 kV "Orotukan — Tent — Central" is 377 km. Construction of the line will provide transmission of power of Ust-Srednekanskoy power plant (570 MW) in the southern part of the Magadan and Magadan, will create the preconditions for the development of promising mining deposits Yana-Kolyma gold province.

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