New trolley parks filled up 4 cities

Kemerovo went on advanced Bashkir trolley

Three new trolley BTZ came out today in the flight-route number 4 and number 3. Time-tested technique of Ufa production supplemented GLONASS system and the "heat guns".

On the Bashkir kemerovchane trolley ride since 2005. In the city put more than 30 of these machines.

— Warm and comfortable trolley elektrotransportniki our love for the reliability and safety in operation, and the passengers praised for comfortable cabins, — the staff of the city administration. — In the city recently received five more trolleybuses, but modern. Especially for the Kemerovo Ufa machine builders have made the body more resistant to corrosion, included in the original equipment extra "heat gun", and the salon ocnastili devices GLONASS satellite tracking system.

The first trolley today drove the townspeople along the routes number 4 and number 3. And soon will come out in flight, and two of their high-tech counterpart. Now the machines are tested in the trolleybus depot, professionals install electronic route signs.

As the specialists' KETK, "the operation of these devices is synchronized with the satellite navigation system GLONASS to itself in the online indexes to re-adjust to changes in the route of transport.

In Berezniki three new trolley

Berezniki municipal enterprise "ATP-2 Berezniki" acquired three new low-floor trolleybuses.

New trolley buses meet all modern requirements. Each cabin is designed for 106 passengers, 25 of them — for seated passengers. Trolley buses equipped with folding ramps that the most convenient for people with disabilities. Each trolley is equipped with 8 video cameras that allow you to monitor the situation during the movement and actions of the passengers in the cabin.

On the streets of new trolley buses will run from the beginning of February, after a technical inspection will be scheduled.

Trolley buses purchased for the renewal of the motor company. Currently, the MUP "ATP-2 Berezniki" 40 trolleybuses. Funds for the purchase of new vehicles — 21 million rubles — allocated from the city budget.

In Kursk, took to the new trolley line

In Kursk, took to the two new trolley line, collected by local experts from the Belarusian kits. Manage them the most experienced and disciplined drivers. As told in the press service of the City Hall, this year it will go to Kursk five mashinokompektov for assembling trolleybuses.

Prior to that, the city had 29 trolley buses this model, 17 of them were collected in Kursk and Belarusian experts. Now the trolleybus fleet consists of 31 unit.

In the city administration said that the municipal transport currently enjoys 56 percent of the passengers. The authorities intend to continue to update it. So, already negotiating to buy ten more Czech trams.

Vladivostok city trolleybus fleet with two new machines.

Low-floor, with ramps for the disabled, large areas for wheelchairs, equipped with GLONASS / GPS and automatic audio ads stops the duplication of information on the internal LED panel, trolley brand new "Vanguard" favorably complemented the rolling stock of electric transport seaside capital.

Today, February 11, Mayor Igor Pushkarev visited the depot, where he inspected the new trolley. By the way, the machine is painted the traditional public transport yellow.

"The plans of the city administration — further planned development of electric vehicles in Vladivostok. And modern, comfortable, spacious trolley that came into the city, proof, — the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev — they demand in urban areas and will be used effectively in the daily work on the lines. "

Now the new trolley buses are in the process of registration and run-in, the drivers get used to the modern management system and the dimensions of the new vehicles. The plans of "Electric Vehicles" to release trolley line route number 5, "Bus station — plant" Varyag "and the number 11," Bus station — Clinical Hospital "for a month.

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