New types of targets to employ air defense exercises in the Kuban


 New types of targets will be involved in exercises in air defense, anti-aircraft gunners who will Sakhalin in the Krasnodar region, told journalists on Monday head of the press service of the Eastern Military District, Colonel Alexander Gordeev.

 Firing infantry battalion defense compounds of the Eastern Military District will be held at the site of the military defense in the Krasnodar region.

"First estimates of MANPADS" Strela-10 "and the operators MANPADS" Igla ", along with the usual targets, will hit the target of a new generation. High-speed small-sized target is much better than its predecessors on the characteristics (eg, speed), and respectively, significantly reduces the time to capture and kill "- said Gordeev.

At the landfill, the most difficult situation created by simulating an air raid, but the number of goals and start time is calculated air defense targets are not known.

The exercises involve anti-aircraft missile and gun systems (ZRPK) "Tunguska", these crews will ZRPK missile launches hit the target surface at a distance of more than four thousand meters from the shore, added Gordeev.

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