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The creation of a mobile combat complex

Mobile-modular missile system CLUB-K, which is unparalleled in the world, opens a new page in the creation of a new generation of defensive weapons.

Our country has not only proved that it can in the shortest possible time to create and market a fundamentally new weapons systems. Domestic experts actually opened the revolutionary trend in the design of military equipment. According to the head of the group, which developed the CLUB-K, George Antsev, comes the era of modular weaponry. Combat systems will be collected from the peculiar cubes. And Russia in this area becomes a kind of a trendsetter.


The idea of placing a variety of combat systems in mobile ad hoc modules is not new. However, we have only guessed as these modules use standard containers — 20 'and 40'. They are hidden multi-purpose missiles like the X-35UE, 3M14, 3M54, and intelligence systems and command and control. Assumes the use of unmanned helicopters original design. Cubes containers can be easily and quickly collect the defensive missile systems of any capacity and for any purpose, and then secretly moved into the zone of possible hostilities. Any container with complexes of Club-K, becomes a missile armed with a devastating volley. A trainload of any such containers or heavy-duty trucks convoy of container — powerful missile units, able to appear where the enemy is waiting.

Know-how is not only in high-mobility, but also ease of maintenance, as well as single use only. Eliminates the need for special and expensive vehicles, transport-charging machines, much more is required in the classic rocket engines.

The costs of any State for such missile weapons become available. Not accidentally, the interest CLUB-K in the global arms market is growing. By the way, the appearance of the first of these systems is in the form of models at international exhibitions some Westerners even scared. Especially as one of the semantic content of the English word "club" — a blunt weapon. And as Russian club will crush anything.

Any container with complexes of Club-K missile carrier becomes a devastating salvo

However, according to Antsev, fears are unfounded, because it is not about the offensive, but purely defensive weapons. CLUB-K Container is not possible to come closer to the shoreline enemy fleet and will not allow to attack on the ground. Any target at a distance of 300 km will be destroyed by either a high-precision missile, or their simultaneous gulp. In this case, identify the enemy launchers will be very difficult.

First set in the export performance shown in the arms inside LIMA-2009. And four years ago, when it was exhibited in the form of posters and in layouts, then opening today salon LIMA-2013 to potential foreign customers actually show the finished system.

In the past year have been successfully launches and found that the place missiles in containers and you can shoot them. Then fired anti-ship missile Kh-35. Its unique feature is that the target missile is flying at a height of not more than fifteen meters, and on the final trajectory — four meters. Flip it almost impossible to hit. One such missile destroyed guaranteed warship tonnage of 5,000 tons.

To date, the fully completed form missile system as a whole. And the readers, "the Russian newspaper" — the first ones to see the CLUB-K in its entirety.

However, if necessary, the configuration of the complex, as well as its missile equipment, can vary enormously within — not for nothing that he modular.

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