New video surveillance system ELVIS-NEOTEK based on the 90nm chips and lower

 RUSNANO project company "ELVIS-NEOTEK" launched surveillance carried out on the basis of their own design chips produced by the technological standards of 90 nanometers and below. The total investment in the project is 2.8 billion rubles, including co-financing RUSNANO of 1.06 billion.

  • The hardware part of CCTV systems with computer vision Orwell 2k block diagram and principle of operation
  • The hardware part of CCTV systems with computer vision Orwell 2k block diagram and principle of operation

Design Center, established in the framework of the project, is developing integrated circuits and award of contracts for their production under the scheme fabless, which implies the involvement of third-party manufacturing facilities both in Russia and abroad.

Based on the new chip line up of innovative products: video surveillance and video analytics with elements of artificial intelligence applied in a variety of industries. In particular, the design of products used to secure the largest airports and the fuel and energy complex. One of the latest developments — a radar system perimeter and area of objects Orwell-R, is able to provide round the clock all-weather protection unfenced sites. The system provides automatic detection of intruders at a distance of 1.5 km in the azimuth of 360 degrees. Another product of the company — video system Counting Statistics with embedded analytics that can replace used to date industrial computers. The product is aimed at companies working in the field of automation retailers.

Conversion to the process 90 nanometers and below design allowed us to produce integrated circuits and systems based on them with a high speed, on the one hand and low power — on the other. Besides the cost of the final solution dropped, due to the larger number of elements in the diagram.

At the time of its design capacity in 2015, the annual output should reach one hundred and fifty thousand units per year. Projected 2015 revenue (most are attributable to sales of cameras and applications) — $ 300 million.

End devices and video analytics (a set of algorithms that implement electronic devices inside the function of artificial intelligence) project company are the best world analogues, and in some ways surpass them. The main advantage of cameras is that inherent in video analytics algorithms are able to see and discern almost everything: people's faces, license plates, fire, crossing the perimeter, counting people in a movie theater, at public events, as well as in stores. This feature makes the production of "ELVIS-NEOTEK" demanded by companies from various industries.

Another distinctive feature of the products of the project is to combine the functions of "sight" and "intelligence" in a single device — directly in the camera, where it is processed video stream, as well as the necessary information is shown. This approach avoids the burden on data transmission and does not require significant computing power.

"In the lab" ELVIS-NEOTEK "" has been developed not just a technology and a universal platform analytics, allowing it to build systems based on elements of artificial intelligence. As a result, there is around the development of an ecosystem of solutions and services created by the project partners with its use, "- said RUSNANO Managing Director Dmitry Pimkin.


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