News from the construction of infrastructure facilities in Yamal

The last two years were marked by a sharp increase in Yamal construction industry. Construction sites are noisy in all the towns and villages of the autonomous area. Huge funds are allocated not only on the development of social network sites, but also for large-scale infrastructure.

   Road bridge over r.Pyakupur.

A new road bridge connecting the city Tarko-and w / d station Purovsk, the need of building the bridge due to the high volume of traffic on the ten-track "Tarko-Sale-Pur" — a day passes are more than six million vehicles.

The length of the new bridge with approaches — nearly 4 kilometers, the width of the roadway — 7 meters, the width of the bridge — 10 meters.

Now supports are erected, made sliding of the first span.


Pontoon ferry (left) through Pyakupur live last year, and in 2014 cars will be used on the new bridge.




Bridge over the r.Nadym. 

To date on the project "Construction of the bridge over the r.Nadym works on the construction of supports № 5,8,9,10,11,12, the work is done on the supports № 1,3,4,7,13. The works for the construction of temporary icebreaker in the area of supports № 3,4.

Do the preparatory work for installation of road span, made special support structures and devices for longitudinal sliding and rear-conveyor assembly. Total installed 258 m span steel road and pulled over 141m. thereby blocking the passage of 12-13 and 11-12 in part.

Installed 220 m railway span in spans 13-12, 12-11, preparatory works for the installation of 110 meters of metal in the span 11-10.

Struenapravlyayuschie constructed dams combined bridge on the right and left banks of the river Nadim. Completion of this type of work will be possible after the construction of the 13 poles and installation of road and rail span.

To date, all built 4 supports highway overpass on the approach to the bridge and mounted on bearings 3-concrete span to 33 m, 3-4 in the span reinforced concrete beams joined together monolithic concrete.






View of the bridge in December



TES Polar

The new 268 MW power plant in Salekhard intended to be a guarantor of energy security and the stability of the north-western district of Yamal, where no major generating facilities. This is the fourth power plant being constructed in the framework of the project "Ural Industrial — Ural Polar" in the November, Novy Urengoy and Nyagan station is already running. The construction of a high-voltage line Salekhard-Nadym, thanks to her in the near future Salekhard power center will join the unified energy system of Russia.

In late September, the site was delivered to the basic equipment: a gas turbine manufacturing Siemens, waste heat boiler and hot water boilers of the Czech firm Invelt, held for the first complex power plant.

As for the construction, at the moment the facility completed the development of the pit of the main building to the design level, work is underway on piling pile fields of the main building, the implementation of thermal stabilization of soils, completed installation of warm warehouses, work is underway to implement the zero-cycles on the support structures under construction plant.





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