News from the construction site the Adler (February 2013)

After 33 km of the road under construction road embankment on the special technology

The installation of the span of the second-longest road bridge

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At the 36th km under construction combined railway and road Adler — skiing resort "Alpika Service" completed the installation spans one of the most difficult highway bridges.

1249 m long bridge crosses the river bed twice Mzymty. Construction of the bridge was complicated by the presence of nearby objects Krasnopolyanskaya plant, in connection with which the work was carried out in accordance with the acts of admission to the danger areas.

— Installation of the spans of the bridge was difficult from the point of view of compliance with the guidance of the construction schedule, — said Dmitry Korolev, head of the production department of the Sochi division of the company "BUILD TRUST" group company "IC BRIDGE". — In order to meet the target date, the installation of separate bays was conducted using two avanbekov simultaneously. This is a fairly complex technology, but it can significantly reduce installation time. Now the bridge is working on a device waterproofing and installation of railing.

In general, the date on bridges combined road Adler — skiing resort "Alpika Service" is mounted more than 104 thousand tons of steel, which is more than 99 percent of the planned amount. Fully assembly bays to be completed by the beginning of March this year.

At the same time, the construction of the roadbed at the 33rd km of combined road Adler is the new for the Russian road construction technology — here is elevated mound "crimped" profile with reinforced concrete slabs.

Mound "crimped" profile is reinforced roadbed, fortified the right while stationing faced concrete panels.

Fixing concrete slabs to the mound, "crimped" profile produced by the geosynthetic strips located between the layers of the mound. And this is achieved by distributing the load between concrete panels and bulk.

— Terms of approaches to building the road bridge length of 581 meters in the design process was so complex that required the adoption of off-engineering solutions — said Maxim Franchuk, a leading engineer of the production department of the Sochi division of the company "BUILD TRUST" group company "SK MOST" . — In the process of production work revealed that the slope excavation hard water cut, so you need to take serious measures to strengthen the body of the mound. The use of concrete facing panels in combination with belt anchors of different strength characteristics can solve this problem and provides the necessary structural integrity.

According to experts, the method is quite difficult to use, since the installation of concrete panels and belt anchors made in stages, in a well-defined sequence. The result is not only durable but also beautiful slope subgrade.

At the moment, is mounting a second tier of tiles of one of the three sections of the embankment, where it is planned to use the new technology. The work of this type will be conducted before the end of April.

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