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In the current year in the South Kuril City District (Kunashir) were put stock lubricants, fire department, equipped with modern equipment, special equipment, and supplies to the population item back in the event of natural disasters — such objects have recently appeared, and on the other Kuril Islands.

In the South Kuril continues to build sea port, district cultural centers, introduce new fish-processing capacity. In December of this year there will open a new Orthodox church, which will be one of the best in the island region. Also in the area is being built housing, asphalted road.

Square with a view of the bay in the village of whales will soon appear in the Kurile region (Iturup). Today it is actively under construction.

  • Photo: Sergey Krasnoukhov
  • Photo: Sergey Krasnoukhov


Square is an area of about 2 million square meters. m at an abandoned site on the shore of the bay, where earlier there was an observation deck.

The highlight of the square is already installed — a ship with a mast in full size of crushed natural stone. The length of the exhibit — 25-30 meters to the right of it — the words "whale" of concrete slabs. Five-foot letters are also lined with crushed stone. From the coast, there are 10 decorative guns.

  • Photo: Sergey Krasnoukhov
  • Photo: Sergey Krasnoukhov

In the park you plan to install 10 wooden benches and the same boxes. The territory of the park will cover at least 15 lights and a few spotlights. Erect a fence around the perimeter of forged metal with elements of rock. On the right side of the square is supposed to equip a car park for 20-30 seats.

Most of the work will be completed later this year. It is planned to park landscaping, planting trees, flower beds breakdown.

Construction of the square "Whale" continues a series of activities on the improvement of recreation areas in the Kurile region. In 2010 was built a similar facility in Kurilsk this summer — in the village Reidovo. In the nearest plans of the local administration — the construction of parks in Kurilsk and harbor.


South Kuril District (Kunashir)



Sakhalin Governor Alexander Horoshavin criticized the government of the South Kuril District of poor quality repairs carried out in hydropathic, located in the village of Hot beach.

The work here has been going on for three years. The interiors are in order, and themselves bath with water of volcanic origin leave much to be desired.

Since 2013 the entire regional medicine will be transferred to the regional property, complete renovation, started the municipalities appear to have for the regional budget.


Airport "Mendeleevo"

Finishes installing a new set of fuel supply — a modern depot, which, together with the nearby geothermal power station "Mendeleev", will create a new energy of the island.

From GeoTETs have full heating and hot beach town, and the South Kuril. Electricity, however, is still insufficient for the district center, its yield of diesel, including new and made in Russia, established in the year. Therefore, an accident that happened not so long ago in Japan, built in the 90's of the power plant, has only led to a brief shutdown of the world.
And next year will begin upgrading GeoTETs, equipment that is already ordered and then the diesel will rise in the reserve

Construction of a railway station

In the summer of next year in South Kurilsk to be delivered to the new (and only) house culture. The construction of this will be a big and capital — the sports hall. Its construction began in 1988, but in the 90 years it has been frozen. Now the federal target program for the development of the Kuril Islands in the facility are in full swing.

Already started design work for the construction of the South Kurilsk pools (hot water it will provide a geothermal plant). The pool will also be built on the island. Shikotan.

Actively under construction in the South Kurilsk housing. More recently, there have passed two vosmikvartirnyh house with total area of thousands of square meters.

According to the Governor of Sakhalin Region Alexander Khoroshavina in South Kurilsk be built each year 3-4 million square meters of housing for resettlement of slum housing, and to provide apartments to state.

"Southern Kuril fish factory" this year began construction of its new plant.
The company will be the most modern. The equipment is already installed, go to the finishing work.

In mid-December, the company plans to start a new job.


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