News of the project of creating a shock-Intelligence Vehicle URA type buggy

InArticle"Zapchastno-private partnership"Published in the journal"Kommersant-Money"Gives interesting details of the implementation of the project to create a shock-Intelligence Vehicle" URA "type buggy in Togliatti LLC" Moose. "

Buggy "URA", 2012 (with) Vitaly Kuzmin via / blogs
 "In front of the garage — an armored car with traces of bullets on the side window. Nearby an elderly man in a dazzling white shirt, gray trousers and civilized work gloves measures rustless metal pipes. Ohrimets is Anatoly, a former director general of vazovskogo unit" Bronto ", producing special-purpose vehicles. After another a change in leadership Ohrimets already started to work on cars for the army, was forced to leave. "New oversees" Bronto "vice-president came to us from the world of toys, military theme did not interest him," — he recalls with bitterness. fired Anatoly opened his own Company — "Los", took off his garage. It spread out between the parts and the warehouse tubes I see a strange three-local construction that resembles a large card. role in the body frame of pipe, which is welded to the floor, the engine behind. "This buggy — impact reconnaissance Sabotage car — says Ohrimets. — Weight 650 lbs. Designed for quick movement on the road — 120 km / h easily, but, unlike the quad bike will not turn over. The Americans invaded Iraq in seven buggy. Many of the world's armies are armed with the buggy. And our yet. "Buggy easily installed weapons — from anti-tank missiles to the light machine gun. After four years of negotiations, Anatoly Ohrimets finally signed a contract this year to supply the Ministry of Defense four cars by 1.8 million rubles., And is expected to order for another shest.Vse it produced five people, including the founder himself. Ohrimets but says that 10 cars a year in this room, they will do easily and that he was ready to sell the buggy to anyone of 500 thousand rubles. — foreign counterparts are at twice the price. "

Note bmpd. A working prototype of the car was presented at the 2nd International Forum "Engineering Technologies — 2012", probably with the participation of "Rosoboronexport". In 2012, the state intermediary led the marketing of this car in the Middle East, North Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. The machine is offered to potential customers in a variety of versions, including the impact anti-missile system "Cornet" set on the roof of the car.

According to the developer, made in 2012, "URA" is a triple buggy with car-like driving characteristics and enhanced by increased moves suspension can be used as reconnaissance and sabotage car, allowing you to quickly and quietly move over rough and hilly terrain for combat missions. The car can be an effective means to ensure the patrol and protect the southern borders of Russia, and coastal zones.

By mid-2012 have been completed sea trials of the prototype machine and there was a positive opinion from the command of the Airborne Troops, in which the car has been tested and received high praise. Probably ordered in 2013 copies and ultimately intended for Airborne.

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