News Skolkovo Sverdlovsk region — a partner of the Fund Skolkovo

Fund "Skolkovo" is organized in such a way that innovation infrastructure throughout Russia supported through a single portal
Every innovator can go to the site "Skolkovo", click on "accepting applications for obtaining the status of a member project of the Innovation Center" Skolkovo "," fill in the online mode, attach the relevant documents and to be considered for resident status "Skolkovo".

Sverdlovsk region has become one of the first regions of the Russian Federation to establish cooperation with the Fund. Total Fund for the projects of the Sverdlovsk region in 2010 paid 165 million rubles. The plans for 2011 — about 200 million rubles.
One project, which was supported A cluster of energy-efficient technologies in the Sverdlovsk region, is at the center of innovation engineering holding "Ekaterinburg". "Ekaterinburg" said project to develop a hybrid locomotive that saves diesel fuel. Savings is due to the fact that the braking energy is stored in a special energy storage and thrown when the main course of the locomotive. Fund "Skolkovo" not only gave the project the status of resident "Skolkovo", but has also provided funding of $ 35 million for the first riskiest stages of scientific research.

Cluster "Biological and Medical Technology Fund "Skolkovo" is based on the development of the five basic areas. These include: biopharmaceuticals, biomedical, industrial biotechnology, bio-energy and bio-informatics system.
Last year, seven companies have resident status in the Cluster "Biological and Medical Technology."
Aspect of the cluster is very wide — that drugs and bio-energy, and anti-virus vaccines and antiviral drugs, nanocomposite materials that will be used in medical research.
A total of 14 residents of the cluster, two more have applied. Among them, two residents of the Ural region Ural Center of Biopharmaceutical Technology, a project of antiviral drugs based on Triazavirin (this Ural design) and Ural nuclear medical center.

During February will consider joining cluster of biological and medical technologies in the Ural Pharmaceutical Cluster.

In addition to pharmaceuticals, energy, science Fund "Skolkovo" in the Middle Ural sees prospects as in IT and core cluster.

detailed interview with the director of the Cluster Energy Efficiency and Conservation Fund "Skolkovo", Deputy Executive Director of the Cluster of Biological and Medical Technology Fund "Skolkovo" and Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Holding Juno," the president of the Ural Pharmaceutical Union
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