NN against the Ministry of Information: Editorial denied the petition

Revision of "Nasha Niva" appealing warning the Ministry of Information. Today held a preliminary hearing on the case.

The basis for the issuance by the Ministry of Information, was the publication in the newspaper "false information that one of the victims of the terrorist attack on April 11 allegedly was at the station until late in the evening." According to the Ministry of Information, dissemination of this information is causing harm to the public interest, discredits the public authorities, rescue and medical services that participated in providing assistance to victims.

Representatives have filed a petition for revision is to summon the expert linguist. It would be appreciated, could the publication of "The Girl was under rubble when Lukashenko laid flowers "harm the public interest, as well as to discredit the government agencies, medical and rescue services.

Analysis did not consider it necessary to judge: "You have not a philologist, you need to trial," the website "Nasha Niva. "

The main hearing of the case will take place on May 30 at 14.30 in the Supreme Economic Court.

Court to eliminate publication while suspended, so the editors will appeal against the warning.

May 17 The Supreme Economic Court stayed the proceedings in the suit of the Ministry of Information to discontinue the "Narodnaya Volya".

The reason was the appeal wording in the same court of appeal notice from the Ministry of Information on April 15 this year in connection with the publication of the article "Show and tell Goebbels-TV."

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