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Petrushenka"Kohanovo is now preparing for the arrival of Lukashenko, but it's power. We are well aware that we are not called. Most will be put under arrest, and my house will stand policeman … "

Population in the settlement, which is the railway track Brest — Moscow has always been very colorful. Me about it 5 years ago, said an unemployed engineer Yuri.

Yuri"In Kohanovo local resident, the ones that came out of Chernobyl, a former collective farm chairmen, former director, former officer and ex-cons …"

However, the situation that caused me to fall apart here, were politically extreme. That, however, is still giving the same reason Petrushenka Kohanovo called "revolutionary town." Once settlement strike as workers DOTsa as they call the local woodworking shop, had to lay off. Guidance in connection with the change of status of the company has promised to employ all in new and … did not. Desperate workers have promised to celebrate the New Year in Minsk, on the steps of the Administration of the President …

The second member of the local travel office dacha cooperative "Sakalyanka." That's what words I met 3 years ago, pensioner — Mrs. Strezh, Kupelyavets, Narchuk yes Protsko. Incidentally, Pietrushenka confirmed that such feelings are stored.

Mrs."I do not understand the power, Alexander G. Lukashenko, who, when he had become president, promised much. And now the people are behaving very tough — the Nazis would not have done this … We extermination of a nation is in the full sense of the word. This weaving is empty. But they have crossed, wiped his feet on us, utaptali in the dirt … "

It was true. In the early 90's by the river Sakalyanki originated in an area of 33 hectares cooperative. Earth passed into the possession of kohanavtsam local farm. However, the District Land Surveyor in the documents erroneously indicated the size of each of the cottages, writing instead of 10 acres just over 5. However, many years, people built and regularly paid the rent after the fact, rather than securities. Until the error suddenly surfaced. Truckers, who suspected nothing, declared "invaders." With Tolochin drove trucks, police. We left around 18 people threshing floor, two at home. I asked the gentleman Petrushenka than those stories ended.

Petrushenka"As for the villa and vegetable co-op, all was quiet. Who remembers says — and what you took down barns, baths? Zawadzki, deputy director for capital construction, he retired. Mareyka, chief vertikalschik, became a deputy and went to Vitebsk. No one to ask. About CHC to forget — leased slonimtsev, the Belgians, the Armenians. Appointed a new director of the new head of the district. What will happen — no one knows. All the forces left now is to show Lukashenko new excavator plant. Here, the "father" of plans to produce a full line of reclamation techniques. Built next to the plant test site. Lyceum will forge footage of machine-meliyaratarav. The strategic goal — to launder money. Lukashenko said that we do not need foreign technology — themselves will be releasing … "

Reporter"How many jobs is expected to give kohanavtsam?"

Petrushenka"While kohanavtsav with no personnel. Kohanavtsy like to be paid money. On excavating load increase, wages in the same place … "

With Nikolai Semenovich decide to do a through trip to the village to find out before you arrive Lukashenko political mood and level of social protection kohanavtsav. The first encounter pensioner Olga Slizhankovu that satellite calls "a perfect product of the system." She treats us to his own "Sonnet" in honor of the president.

Slizhankova: "The President of our genius and geniuses are only from God. And God revealed to him a good road. He sure is, and it is for the people is … "

Kirov Street behind the fence calling us Mrs. Tatiana Kaminsky.

Kaminska"Anyway, do not miss him, and I would like to say to him!"

Reporter"Tell me!"

Kaminska"Make a note — we do not work outside the wells, and the column — I'll show you what kind of water — you can not drink! We do not have water to put filters. It — with an iron! Water redhead. Well here it is, and we ask one thing — clean it. We have Shatalov — writing and writing three times came and said that there is no money. On that street there is no water at all. And then drink, as it is — and what to do? We defend this water and care of children ASIC, because they want to live water. Treat for boiling water — is unrealistic. My gall bladder was removed. This is an environmental Chernobyl. And here goes — he will tell you everything! "

Mr. Mikhail Shatalov — local pravdalyubets.

Shatalov"We wrote a collective letter 4 years ago. Came evasion — that once, the materials do not. 4 years old and doing well. Put in a jar of cold water — on a finger rusty … "

The authorities, however, on the eve of the visit concerned primarily veneer.

Nicholas Petrushenka
"Lukashenko is not waiting for the first time. And each time a great shakedown begins. And kohanavtsy look like coming out of Tolochin begin mow the grass, cleaning up to do — including the officials! (Laughs.) Paint fences, gardens, and our drink vodka. But one of the Kohanovo collects plastic bottles, scrap metal, rags. Near his home made dump. Officials see — if Lukashenko will go, Mikolka raise your hands, he asks — what is it? So they were taken from there — how much do you think trailers? 11 "(Laughter.)


I admit, this trip planned after the last local elections. Then in dreams Petrushenka and friends have seen the complete victory of the opposition in Kohanovo. And this I could not help but remind Nikolai Semenovich.

Reporter"I remember before the local elections, when you, Nikolai Ivanovich, talked about the county where only one candidate — from the opposition. And that soviet chairman of the opposition will be. Still failed. What is it — the defeat of the opposition, or with those authorities at the level of the official campaign to fight is no longer possible? "

Petrushenka"The elections have given effect — we got access to the radio, the state has given us the means — we issued leaflets. To ensure that our people are not passed, we were ready. It is better to fight than "monitor" the process. Now came the deputies — are bad, of course — and we think about how to make them work. And the scheduling of appointments made by the deputies on personal matters. We organized a camping trip kids Ecological Club "Radnichok" overland portage to search on a large waterway from the Vikings to the Greeks. Executive Committee allocated bus, traffic police, doctors had instructed. We were in T-shirts "Our House", but before we made the new mayor Kohanovo Nicholas profits. Now the executive committee is considering to establish a memorial stone on the results of the expedition. Fight the power necessary, but we need to work and … "

By the way, Nicholas Petrushenka recently focused on the human rights work, the study of social problems within the framework of the civil campaign "Our House". Some of his life's research could be a starting material for comedians performances. We are in the
center of the bridge over the middle Kohanovo Sakalyanku.

Petrushenka"There once was a big hole — it was possible to break a leg. Went to the village council — a hole secured. But a year has passed, and Vladimir Davydenko caught, flopped, and — a double fracture with displacement of the bones. Elections were held now — I did not pass, the wife — no, his son was not allowed, crushed all opposition. MPs may work better? I ask the Deputy Vorobyov, head of the School of Music — where is your constituency? — "On the streets of Orsha, but to the bridge." I ask Barishev — "My start from Orsha and the bridge." A hole in the middle! A bridge is responsible for DRSU — there is also a deputy! And for pavement Utilities — there 4 deputies Thus, in one "hole" of 7-8 members. And she was like, it is! "

At the bus stop, obviously tipsy, sat waiting for the bus two soul mates.

Mr."I have to talk with Lukashenko, the money raised — all expensive! And I'm on the farm cows grazing, once I drink — consuming 30,000. And what of the 300,000? I did not drink, so I was paid a million — I'd had enough of life, right? "

I stop a man in working overalls, which bypasses us.

Reporter"And you know that Lukashenko is coming?"

Mr."They say … That he came from a business deal! Do you need to get the job, big salary. I winter stove-makers at the store, in the summer I go to the Russian builder — 20,000 per month on average, Russian … "

Reporter"A name is what?"

Mr."Volodya, a name I will not say I will not! That information is "not there" did not go to was not shot on the way … "(Laughs.)

Reporter"Do not trust the president did — we have interesting customs in Belarus!"

Mr."Well, so …"

The library, which was lucky — repaired before visiting Lukashenko expressed in the reading room Irina Shamatulskaya.

Shamatulskaya"We would like the hospital came back — Department of Surgery, ginekalegii not make more beds in the children's ward …"

With Tolochin specifically to see us come 22-year-old railway worker Roman Zabello. The guy is also working within the framework of the civil campaign "Our House", he is now the captain of the football team of the same name. The story that happened to him and his friends — the recent local sensation.

Zabello"It started like that. There Talachyn in the park gazebo where going to have a drink. We, the young people 10-15 people, made antyalkagolnuyu flag — there are painted skull and a bottle labeled "vodka". People came, took pictures. 15 minutes later the police came, asked to go to the station. There were record that included loud music and hung the flag rather than "prevented people from vacation." At trial, one guy gave two basic units, one was released. I have been through the Vitebsk regional court appealed against the decision, and I, too, was released from liability. All our boys sports, and began the district championship in football in the stadium Kochanowski. We decided to put together a team, especially the police for the first time put his own. After the first game, the police withdrew, saying that there is no one to work with. In fact, we went to them with attributes of "Our House" — green T-shirts with the inscription and the sun. The police, I feel scared to not go in the independent press, which lose their prisoners … "(Laughter.)

I met up with another local coordinator of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" — 57-year-old Mr. Leonid Tsimashkovym.

Reporter"What truth before the visit of Lukashenka would you like to convey to the public?"

Tsimashkov"The first truth — Unemployment in Kohanovo. A lot of men to keep the family are forced to go to Russia. After all, businesses exist in Kohanovo half — no orders. And wages minor — an average of 200-300 thousand. The plant "Beleks" where he was going Lukashenko, 2-3 times more, but the company is not for kohanavtsav. Street Orsha, basic, yet has no sidewalk from the school to the stele, there is no light … "

At the village beach noticed the familiar over the past 61 years of travel locksmith crawlers, Mr. Constantine Kozik. He — Kochanowski "star" in the field of art whistle. In 2009, for professionalism has become a "man of the year" of Vitebsk. But now was occupied by another.

Kozik"If you were previously catamarans, 2 pipe flooded, which were attached. Children will be given and the plunger can head to break … "

Anxiety padvoyvalasya since August 14 there will be held the All-Belarusian competition in women's sport fishing. The ubiquitous Nicholas Petrushenka involved in the organization and here — so, wait and political surprises.

Petrushenka"We will be the bait to catch perch, carp, roach. Radyesluhachak would like to invite all to visit us. Come with a fishing rod, fishing line without a hook, but with a float. And — regardless of political commitment. The team of three can be from the public association. Maybe Radio Liberty will send three of its journalists — will welcome … "


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