Noah's Ark is still keeping secrets

"Meridian" (Belgorod), n23 (178), 06/06/2006

Author: Olga Shemetova

Wooden frame on the mystery ship, which lies high up on the hillside, humanity fights for millennia

The first evidence of the discovery of Noah's Ark came long before the birth of Christ. In the era of Christianity, wrote about the historian Josephus in his "Antiquities of the Jews." In 1840, the Turkish expedition discovered on Mount Ararat protruding from a glacier wooden frame. Despite the difficulties, the researchers approached him and saw the giant ship, the size of which coincide with those mentioned in the biblical text — 300 cubits long, 50 wide and 30 high, that is 150 by 25 by 15 meters.

The vessel brown

In 1893, Archdeacon Nestorian Church Nourrit after climbing Ararat said he saw Noah's ark. According to him, the ship made of planks of dark brown color. Measurement of a vessel, Nourrit came to the conclusion that the dimensions listed are consistent with the Bible. Returning to America, he organized a company to raise funds for the expedition, after which both the biblical Ark of the shrine had to deliver in Chicago. But the Turkish government has not given permission to export the ship out of the country.
In 1916, a group of Russian pilots based on the time the airport is about 25 miles north-west of Mount Ararat. In one of the usual August day was raised into the air plane number seven, specially converted for high altitude tests, which are assigned to the captain Vladimir Roskovitsky and his partner. During the flyby the top they saw the outline of a giant ship. Was visible even in one of the wings door. Size of the ship just hit: a city block! On the finding reported to the base, but in response to pilots heard a loud and prolonged laughter. Then there was the second flight, after which the information was sent to the Government of St. Petersburg. Tsar Nicholas II, being a devout man, outfitted two squads of soldiers with orders to climb the mountain. Fifty men attacked a slope, and on another group climbed out of a hundred. It took two weeks of hard work to overcome the valley at the base of the mountain, and about a month passed before the soldiers reached the ark and saw him. They carried out detailed measurements, drawings, and made a lot of photos. The report stated that the entire structure is covered with a mass similar to wax or resin, and the tree from which it is made, belongs to the family of cypress. All materials were sent to Russia, but there is the February Revolution broke out, and they disappeared into her slough. Some of the officers who participated in the expedition, after 1917 left the country. Several people have successfully established themselves in the United States, and the Roskovitsky became a preacher in the United States.
The Kurds, who live in the area, claiming that in 1948 during the earthquake ship is literally squeezed out of the ground. At this point the neighborhood shone a bright light, and the body of the ark split into two parts, a piece of rock. Now construction allegedly raised above the surface of land of about 2 meters. In the summer of 1953 an American businessman George Green from the helicopter made 6 clear pictures of a large ship is half gone to the ice. After 9 years, he died, and all the original pictures are gone.
July 6, 1955 Fernand Navarra climber with his fifteen-year-son Gabriel climbed Mount Ararat, found Noah's ark and the world informed of the discovery. Some time later, appeared in the press photos, which are clearly distinguishable shapes ship.
Attempts to climb Mount Ararat were made before 1974, but were unsuccessful. Then Turkey declared the area a closed, citing the presence there of surveillance for the border line. Dvukovchezhe?

Statements that Noah's Ark was found, are made all the time. Last year alone, there were at least 20. But it is at least strange, since only open for climbing the south slope of Mount Ararat, where, by definition, do not lie in the ice can.
Two of the members of one of last year's expedition (or rather, Vadim Chernobrov, coordinator ONIOO "Kosmopoisk" and a member of "Unknown Planet", approx. MT) got to the top and really took pictures of what it looked like from a height on the fossilized skeleton of a huge ship . But today, except V.Chernobrova, no one can say exactly what it is.

Many scholars argue that the bits you need to build is the exact route Russian expedition in 1916, as the only picture of it remained, which is an authentic documentary evidence of the existence of the ark of Noah.
But how then to be with all the other images, which shows something like a huge ship?
Understand what it is, was only a month ago with the help of an expert of ancient languages Willy Melnikov. After seeing a lot of photos, he said that according to the Bible's description of Noah's ark was like a submarine, and this ship — the spitting image of ocean yacht. Then Melnikov said that in one of the libraries in Europe he got the text unknown author, dating from around III century BC. Willie himself called the text "Dvukovchezhem." It was a speech that Noah during the drift on the water depths once saw a big ship, the size of which coincides with his ark. He was hoping that someone else managed to escape, but when stepped on board the vessel, it is not found a single soul. According to Melnikov, it is the very "second ark." Its something, in all likelihood, and managed to take a picture of last year.
If this assumption is true, it changes all the modern idea of the flood! After about two arks in the Bible does not say anything …
While it is possible that this discovery is complementary to the Old Testament, as its text carries a shortened version of the flood story, borrowed from the ancient Sumerian clay tablets which are shed on this story a lot more light. Some of them can read that before the flood on Earth lived fairly advanced civilization, which had a fleet. Its ships plied between Africa and Mesopotamia. They were very large. In the Old Testament, by the way, there is mention of the fact that, along with ordinary people on the planet at that time lived giants. It is they "came in unto the daughters of men." When this "civilization of giants" was threatened by the young humanity, and was sent to Earth to the Deluge. Noah, as you know, was almost the only righteous man, and he was destined to be saved. By the way, the name of Noah, and Noah, roughly translates as "I leave hope, for it will be able to swim."

Piece of shell

There is a tradition that Noah's ark can not see and touch. He will come to people just before the end of the world. The legend itself is associated with the ascent of the mountain monk Jacob, who for several days trying to climb Mount Ararat. But every time when I wake up in the morning to discover that there is at the same place where you started your journey. Once in a dream an angel appeared to him and gave a piece of the hull. He said that the ark will people only when God Himself so wishes. All this can be called an invention, if … not a piece of skin! He remained a monk, now a relic kept in Echmiadzin in Armenia. By the way, a piece of him in 1766 Catholicos of All Armenians, Simeon Erevatsitsi donated to Catherine II, thereby expressing gratitude to Russian Empress for her care of the Armenian people.
Archaeology is not one of the exact sciences, and the object lying in the mountains of Ararat, has been brought to our eyes entirely with the tablet, which would be written: "This is — Noah's Ark". If an object in th
e shape of a boat — do not ship in November, it is an even bigger mystery. Message of the Turkish authorities to find Ararat powerful brown beams that formed a sort of skeleton of a giant ship, first appeared in print in 1883. Later, a U.S. newspaper wrote that the local people are well aware of the wreckage, but are afraid to approach them, because once saw a terrible ghost vyglyanuvshee out of the window in the side. By this post can be treated in different ways, we can only say that one of the expatriate officers who took part in the ascent in 1916, in an interview he gave in New York, said: "It was very cold and scary. Soldiers baptized earnestly and fervently prayed when they saw the ark, and knew what it was. " If you trust him, the expedition found that the interior of the ship are divided into compartments, and on the wooden floor were traces of rust from iron rods — perhaps from cells to animals …

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