North Korea may at any time to start the attack on South

North Korea may at any time to start the attack on South

Armed forces of North Korea Tuesday put
«Ultimatum», saying that they can poruha without warning if the anti-North Korean
act will last in the South.

The warning came after protesters
Seoul mon burned portraits of North Korea founder Kim Il Sung, his
son Kim Jong Irina and grandson and the current favorite of Kim Jong-un.

Act coincided with public celebrations in North Korea a day or
101st anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, a day, which is still referred to as the North
«Day of the Sun.»

In the «ultimatum» South staged sounded
subsequent «Our punitive actions can begin without at least some notice with
this very moment.

It was also said that
armed forces » can immediately begin his military exploits, that
to show people that our values ​​and protects the dignity of senior leadership.

«Military demonstration of revolutionary armed
DPRK forces could cause a severe blow to at least some of the aggressive forces, degrading
advantage of higher leadership DPRK. «

The Korean peninsula at the present time in a state of enhanced
military tension, because the North held its third nuclear test

Outraged by new UN sanctions and joint military
South Korea-teachings-the U.S., Pyongyang constantly threatens the possibility of applying
missile strikes and nuclear war.

In an attempt to defuse tensions case, the new president
South Korea, Park Dzheun-Hai, in the last days has signaled that there is an urgent
need to start a peaceful dialogue and South willing to listen any suggestions
North about the situation.

But the North has rejected its proposal as «insidious tricks» to
hide brutal intentions of Seoul.

Army High Command North Korea said that if
South Korea really wants to start a dialogue and negotiations, «they should
apologize for all the aggressive anti Korean acts, at least some character. «


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