North Koreas favorite buried in the web

DPRK leader "buried" on the Internet

A few days back in the web began to emerge information about the death of Kim Jong-un, a favorite of the DPRK. At first, this information was vserasprostranena yuzerami Chinese service Sina Weibo, and later the English Twitter.

These reports claim that Kim Jong-un killed on the night of February 11 in Beijing at the embassy area DPRK. His killers immediately shot bodyguards. According to RIA "Announcements", near the embassy during the day was seen a few 10 s of tinted cars. In all likelihood, their accumulation and formed the background of rumors about the murder of the North Korean leader.

But official DPRK authorities this information has not yet commented. As CNN said a source in the U.S. secret services, just nothing to say while it is impossible. "When dealing with such a closed society absolute conviction can not be, but the evidence of murder while we do not, "- he said.

According to a representative of U.S. intelligence, the rumors of the death of Kim Jong-un would have started deliberately and undermine the South Korean economy is going through difficult times and is sensitive to any configuration in the north. He also added that after the death of Kim Jong Irina, father of today's manager of North Korea, the troops led to inflated readiness. Meanwhile, at the moment there is nothing of the sort.

Infy about Kim Jong Yne strongly enough. According to the CIA, to today's favorite DPRK about 30 years. He spent his childhood in Switzerland and educated in private English school. His classmates as they say, the future North Korean favorite fond of basketball, and his idol was Michael Jordan. Kim Jong Un in 2010 was appointed successor Kim Jong Irina. After his death in December 2011, Kim Jong Un became "Supreme Governor DPRK."

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