Norway: Swedish scientist found in Norwegian lake monster




Swedish monster hunter Jan-Ove Sundberg says that he was able to remove the video appearance in a Norwegian lake known prehistoric monster.

"Hunter" claims that the Norwegian version of the Loch Ness monster Nessie — Selma monster lives in the lake Seljord. Currently Sundberg carefully studying video footage during an expedition to the lake. In the near future, he is ready to present it to the public.

According to Sundberg, at first he thought he saw a buoy on the surface of the lake, however, when he focused on the subject, I realized that this is something unusual.

"Either I was able to photograph the monster's head, or a part of its range," — says Sundberg.

Seeker monster says he saw something black with red and white spots, about 30-40 centimeters in length.

"Other members of the expedition could not see what I saw, as well as the object suddenly disappeared. This is why he could not be a buoy. This could only be a sea serpent," — says Sundberg.

During the expedition Sundberg interviewed residents of nearby villages to the lake to find out what it looks like a monster. In particular, he found that the local monster affectionately called Selma.

In the scientific world of Scandinavia Sundberg reputation provocateur and amateur showing off, according to the publication Aftenposten Norway.

Battery News, 18.08.2004 18:32

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