Novosibirsk Berdskiy plant began producing air purifiers


Berd electromechanical plant started production of air filters for operating theaters.
As the general director of "MESG" Victor Osin, at the facilities of the plant started production of air treatment systems for "tion."

The device is designed Research and Production Enterprise "tion", which is based in Technopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok.

antibacterial and disinfecting air recyclers tion


According to the developer, the feature set — its low power consumption and the ability to simultaneously decontaminate air and clean it from mechanical and gas pollution.

In total this year will be collected 900-1000 air cleaners, the price of the instrument will be 32 thousand rubles., Said Victor Osin.

Open Joint Stock Company "Berd Electromechanical Plant" — a member of the Federal Space Agency, one of the leading Russian companies, specializing in the manufacture of products of precision mechanics and electrical engineering.
A wide range of manufacturing technologies.

The presence of all types of industries within the same plant: casting, electroplating (powder coating, etc.), machining, sheet-stamping, assembly and installation, circuit board manufacturing, the production of plastics, ceramics, woodworking. Pre-production service produces molds, dies, cutting and measuring tools of high accuracy. In the assembly plant and machine shop is developed and maintained by controlled atmosphere of dust, humidity and temperature conditions. The level of precision products, manufacture of non-standard or special equipment is provided by highly qualified professionals and advanced engineering services, including the design and engineering departments.

State of the art.
The investment policy of the company is directed to upgrade production facilities and improving technology. At present we have one of the most modern equipment in Siberia parks for plastics and metal.

Advantageous location.
Strategically advantageous location 30 km from the major economic and political center of Siberia — Novosibirsk city, which is the largest hub of air and w / d messages, connecting Europe and Asia creates excellent conditions for business cooperation with Russian and foreign partners.

Openness to cooperation and mutually beneficial partnership.
We are open for cooperation. Our goal — to deepen and expand existing and establish new business connections. At present, our company has made great efforts to strengthen its position in the international integration of labor, and we are pretty much interested in cooperation with domestic and foreign partners. We are ready to place orders for products using the capacities of the company, to participate in the creation of domain-closed assembly plants and joint ventures on the basis of free production areas, to use other forms of cooperation to expand the assortment of products.
BEMZ releases.
Products for industrial purposes
The actuators
The drive type A (EP-100)
Actuator type B (EP-300)
Electric type G (EF-2500)
Actuator type B (EMVI-300)
Linear actuators
Electric EPR 8/50

Mining Equipment
Spare parts for CHT — 32
Spare parts for mgmt. hydraulics
Management hydraulics
Safety valves
Ball valves — Exhaust

The molds, dies, non-standard equipment
Non-standard equipment

Shavers' Berdsk "
Series "Premier"
A surround shaving
The modern series
Classic Series

Goods for beauty and health
Sauna Betrén

Products for hair care
Epilator cosmetic EC-01A
Epilator cosmetic EC-02A
Trimmer T-01
Curling irons, hair curlers "Wick"
Hair clipper — V.EM.01.B
Hair clipper EM 001A.
Dryer March 1
Hairdryer on February 3
HE rectifier 1062
HE rectifier 1034

Lawn and garden equipment
Weeder loop
Weeder oval loop
Weeder loop framework

Electric "Betrén" ECHTZ (1.7 liters).
Elektromashinka cleaning jersey
Steamer "On 01"
Steamer "On 02"
Steamer "On 03"
Elektrosushiteli shoe "COMFORT"
Plastic products
Tray (spacing)
Fork. Spoon
Cover Universal
Cross building
Jars for preserves

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