Novosibirsk has become a bit easier to breathe

In the Novosibirsk region reduced air emissions of hazardous substances and waste. These are the findings of Novosibirskstat who provided the report for the year 2012.

Pollutant emissions from stationary sources in the past year amounted to 224.5 thousand tons, an increase of ten thousand tons less than in 2011. In the air hit 50.3 million tons of solids, 51,000 tons of carbon monoxide, 50.1 tons of sulfur dioxide, 44.7 tons of nitrogen oxides.

The greatest number of contaminants — 98.4% of sulfur dioxide, 67.6% of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides 88.8% — fell into the atmosphere with the smoke of Novosibirsk CHP. Together with them, pollute the air enterprises engaged in the distribution of electricity, gas and water, their share of the total accounted for 66.3% (148.9 thousand tons). Second place went to the enterprise of manufacturing (23.5 thousand tons of harmful substances), the third — enterprises engaged in mining (17.1 tons).  During 2012 the region was formed more than two million tons of waste, and this is 21% less than last year. Most garbage — 24.1% — "fired" agricultural enterprises. But the volume of wastewater discharged in 2012, compared with the previous year, on the contrary, increased. He was 544.2 million cubic meters (in 2011 — 527.1 million). Thus 54.4% waste water had a total contaminants harmful substances. For adverse effects on air, water, and waste disposal area businesses paid in 2012, 154.5 million (2011 — 141.2 million). Environmental protection was aimed 959.6 million rubles.

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