Novosibirsk Meshalkina Clinic Cancer Center has opened and radiosurgery

In the Novosibirsk Institute of Circulation Pathology Academician Meshalkina appeared Research Center of Oncology and radiosurgery. According to the official website of the institute, the main objectives of the center — the introduction of the most successful and the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for cancer.
"This year, we intend to implement in practice surgical robot-assisted surgery with the use of da Vinci, begin treatment of patients with prostate cancer using brachytherapy," — shared plans oncology center manager Olga Anikeeva.

The press service of the clinic Meshalkina noted that routine medical care to patients with concomitant cardiovascular and oncology, angionevrologicheskoy and oncologic pathology at the institute provide the autumn of 2010. To do this, the building was constructed radiotherapy department, which established two modern linear accelerator and necessary diagnostic equipment.

"Every year in the department of radiation treatment is conducted over a thousand patients, in most cases, this assistance that may be provided in existing cardiac or oncology clinics", — stressed in the research institutes.

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