On the purposes of a new big war

On the purposes of the new "big war"The processes taking place at the present time in the world civilization, clearly spoke of the approach of large-scale military conflict. A striking example is the scale-up of the arms race, are celebrated in almost all parts of the world and especially in the Asia-Pacific region and the Arab world. In the eyes of changes occur that lead to significant changes in the existing system of "center — semiperiphery — periphery", which is also the cause of significant regional and global conflicts. Increasing weight gains ATP arose structure of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), Russia is taking its first steps towards the integration of the former Soviet Union, Iran, and Turkey claims to be a regional leader (and possibly to a global role, if will lead the Islamic world).

Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC), is on the way of Western Europe, forming the basis of a single financial and economic policy, and the military system, are prerequisites for the creation of the "Great Caliphate." At the same time we are seeing signs of degradation in Western Europe and the U.S.. But we know that the crisis of the West — is a harbinger of birth of another "alien", liberal civilization tehnofashizma. West hosts prepare the next edition of the New World Order (neorabovladelcheskoy civilization), where people — a commodity. World where sales people (children), organs, drugs — is the norm, as well as bestiality, pedophilia and other "joys" of the body. World where, thanks to the achievements of the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, the "elite" would be almost "immortal" and the others will be "KZHI" ("short-lived").

Swept across the planet a little wave, and the Islamic world was on the move, and the Europeans are getting used to reduce income and comfort. But this is only the beginning. Humanity is just entering a period of change, when the "Great War" for spheres of influence, control over resources and the planet, as well as a number of regional wars, "myatezhvoyn" splash separatism, extreme nationalism, it is preceded become almost inevitable prospect.

It should be noted that the owners of the West are now the sole owner of a sensible long-term strategy (for decades and centuries to come.) They build neorabovladelchesky order on a new technological basis. This gives them a huge advantage. While the rest of "power centers" in search, the West clearly realizes his dreams. Preparations are two main fronts "great war": 1) the Middle East, 2), the Asia-Pacific region. Also, do not forget, and Russia — along its borders to go to war. Caucasus, Central Asia, and probably China — these are the main areas of work. Russia is confronted with the most powerful centers of power, which are a threat to the West — with the Islamic world and China.

Analysts isolated set of objectives that are intended Masters of the West can be achieved as a result of the "great war." The main objectives of the new World War II:

— distract the attention of the population of Western countries by the crisis, falling living standards (and it has only just begun), switch it to the external enemy — "Islamic", "Russian", "Chinese", "Iran", and so the threat. The middle class will disappear. Will only the rich are very rich and the poor. To the energy, anger population descended on the "elite", it Channeling the external and internal threats.

— write off huge public debts. Implement the "default via blood", and "a lot of blood." The Fed and the dollar system will go into the past, the huge debts will be written off. This will create something new.

— supporters maintain the U.S. (part of the Western elite is ready to bring the U.S. to sacrifice New World Order) want to use the world war for the economic recovery of the American Empire. Creating the conditions for a breakthrough in the future, as we know, the big war — it is a stimulus for the scientific and technological revolution.

— solution to the problem of Israel. There are two main scenarios. On the first, Israel will be brought to the victim, his territory will be part of the "Great Caliphate", the Jews will once again be "scattered." By the second, we see a process of active construction of a "Greater Israel" — the Arab world will suffer a complete defeat, his shrine destroyed. A fragment of this scenario can be seen in the lecture instructor Military Academy in Norfolk Colonel Matthew Dooley. The teacher said that if necessary, the United States could use a "historical precedents of Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki" to eliminate the Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina. According to Matthew Dooley, "moderate Islam" does not exist. "This barbaric ideology can not stand it any longer," — he said during his presentation. Lieutenant Colonel Dooley presented a plan of a possible "total war" to transform Islam and the Islamic world. Islam as a religion should be kept to a "cult."

This is a scenario in which the American Empire and Greater Israel will be at the top of the hierarchy of the New World Order. The Arab population is drastically reduced, the natural resources of the current Arab countries to do the complete disposal of the US-Israeli corporations.

— in the great war will be built neorabovladelcheskaya civilization. Its symptoms can be seen in the modern world, but after the war will crystallization of this system. Time post-colonial era is over. The hosts of the West believe that the planet is overpopulated and people consume too many resources. "Under the Knife" want to put a significant share of the world population. The system of financial, economic, and information control will be changed to the direct control. The world expects a full revision of the principles laid down by the Yalta-Potsdam political system. The international community is waiting for the rejection of the UN Basic Principles of the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe in 1975, the correction of the principle of sovereign equality and the sovereignty of states. Events fall of the USSR, Yugoslavia and the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya — all the links of one chain.

In international practice, the efforts of the Western world is reintroduced a two-tier system of international government, where there is "selected" ("advanced democracies"), "rogue states" and intermediate countries. In such a system the right to sovereignty is maintained only for the states that make up the "core" of the future of the New World Order, and the periphery may have sovereignty only to the extent not inhibit the activities of transnational corporations and banks.

— based on the previous objectives, follows another — splitting large national and of civilizations (Russia, India, China) apart. Various Far Eastern Republic, Ingria, Tartary, Muscovy much easier to enter a new world. Hence the division of the various projects in Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, etc.

It is clear that in the first phase of construction NWO West will not oppose itself to the world. Recent years, the process of folding the temporary and long-term alliances. Thus, in accordance with the thoughts expressed by Zbigniew Brzezinski, the basis of the new world should be based on the "Great West" (U.S. + EU) and the "Big East" (Japan, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia). Russia, according to Brzezinski, is to be in the "Great West" ("Atlantic Alliance"). It is clear that we are prepared for the role of supplier of raw materials, the reserve area for settlement, the strike force for war with China and disobedient Muslims. Russian people in this scenario will continue to die out, to service the "pipe" a lot of people do not.

On the prospects of joint international management of natural resources of Siberia, the Russian North and Far East talk is almost open. Soon may recall that the Russian Federation is the legal successor of the Russian Empire, and the one in 1884 at the Congress of Berlin has signed an international convention, which included the "principle of effective occupation." It implies that countries should produce raw materials in its colonies (and Russia regularly accused of "colonialism" and reluctance to part with the remaining colonies — including Siberia), and let him into the bank, and if a power is not able to effectively manage their resources, there is the possibility of introducing an external control. Therefore, the "principle of effective occupation" may soon be declared a current norm of world law. It's great, "justifies" the legality of removal of the Russian exclusive rights to manage its own natural resources.

The main military instrument of the new colonial system is NATO. In case of fire a series of regional conflicts, myatezhvoyn, a great war should burn and failing states with significant military capabilities. The Alliance has coped well with the goal of "peace" and counter-insurgency operations. Besides States, the basis of this military-political bloc, continue to step up efforts to maintain its leadership in the military-technological sphere.

The big problem for the West is the presence of nuclear weapons in Russia. In general, a factor of nuclear technology. Nuclear weapons must be only in the western countries. Therefore, attempts to Russia's nuclear disarmament will continue. Regularly reports to such appeals. For example, the former commander of U.S. nuclear forces, retired General James Cartwright urged the United States and Russia to reduce the total number of warheads on each side to 900 units. He suggests leaving only half of that number as deployed warheads. In addition, according to Cartwright, must be done so that these charges could not be started until at least 24-72 hours after the decision to launch. This, according to the general, reduce the probability of an accidental launch. This is not the most radical proposal, a number of organizations to speak of the complete elimination of nuclear weapons. Implementation proposals Cartwright will be ideal in terms of implementing the prospects of a "global lightning strike" (or prompt global strike, Eng. Prompt Global Strike). U.S. de facto took over from the Third Reich to develop the ideas of "lightning war." Americans are developing a system that allows you to strike conventional (non-nuclear) weapons to anywhere in the world for 1 hour. Associated with the concept of "prompt global strike" and the missile defense system.

The entire thousand-year history of interactions Russian civilization with the Western world shows that building a relationship with him, based on the illusions of "partnership" — a very short-sighted and stupid. West — is a predator, parasite, he sees in Russia only victim. Small enlightenment appear only after a serious reprimand, which Russia with varying frequency suit Western "partners." At the same time the history of the "great war" teaches that the greatest advantage in the future world war was the side that has a long-term action plan (concept development) and take it to the final stage. Therefore, Russia should sharply increase its power (military, economic, demographic) as part of the "Eurasian Union" and actively participate in the creation of buffer zones border. In fact, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Iran and Syria — that there are buffer zones. Important task — to prevent spread of the war of buffer zones on the territory of Russia and "Eurasian Union" (Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine in the future.) However, with Ukraine more difficult, it de facto in front turns into a buffer zone, where there is the problem of the Crimea and the fault line the West — East. In addition, Russia must find allies (they can temporarily) in this battle, in fact, Syria, and Iran are our natural allies in this picture. There is no future without Russia from Belarus and Kazakhstan. Ukraine's only chance to survive — is the integration with Russia.

As such, Russia's choice is that you can surrender to the West, with all its consequences, or to build Russian military-political bloc. Moreover, the formation of an alliance can now, in a relatively stable situation, or later, in the course of the war. The second option — to create a union "under the bombs," it will be much more severe, even cruel. Russia will have to take a number of strategic areas, without regard to the wishes of the local elites. Thus, NATO and Western countries regularly conduct exercises in the Baltic and from its shores — is preparing an operation to land expeditionary corps. It is clear that this will not allow Russia, and in war these areas are occupied. Time and resources in creating a military-political alliance of post-Soviet space and reformatting diminishing every day.

The Russian leadership is unacceptable on the eve of World War II to produce reductions in nuclear weapons, especially in the field of tactical nuclear weapons (TNW). Tactical nuclear weapons, as opposed to inter-continental ballistic missiles, is a real tool stop the invasion of the enemy. Reduction of tactical nuclear weapons could lead Russia into a situation where the pressure of more powerful opponent will have to make a choice: to bring the world to the brink of nuclear catastrophe (using MBR), or accept the conditions imposed by the enemy.

Contemporary Russia (and the world) consistently "lead" to the World War II. This "big war" should be intended by its organizers to bring the "final solution of the Russian question." Today, therefore, all decisions made by the Russian government in the political, military, scientific, technical, economic and social fields should be considered from the same point of view. Will these actions in the coming war, and to provide a decent place Russia (Russian Union) in the postwar global device or, on the contrary, it will weaken the position and strength. In this respect, modern Russia is like the Soviet Union of the 1930s.

Author Alexander Samsonov

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