One in three want to temporarily live and work abroad

Public opinion polls conducted by researchers of the American Gallup among residents of 10 countries of the CIS, as well as an associate member of the Commonwealth of Turkmenistan and Georgia, which withdrew from the CIS.

If we talk about the population of the 12 countries in total, at least go for temporary work abroad like 70 million people, or about 24% of the people who lives in the former Soviet Union. Leave your own home is always thinking about 13% of the population these countries. However, the researchers note the sociological service, regardless of the country, each of these indicators is very different.

Temporary work Leave for good
Armenia 44% 39%
Moldova 53% 36%
Belarus 35% 20%
Kyrgyzstan 34% 18%
Georgia 34% 14%
Kazakhstan 30% 15%
Azerbaijan 24% 12%
Ukraine 21% 15%
Russia 22% 11%
Tajikistan 28% 9%
Uzbekistan 24% 6%
Turkmenistan 19% 5%

The survey also revealed in which countries most families receive help from family members working abroad.

Country How many people receive help
Tajikistan 24%
Moldova 23%
Kyrgyzstan 16%
Belarus 5%
Ukraine 4%
Russia 1%

In interviews attended more than 13,200 people. In each of the states sociologists interviewed more than one thousand inhabitants.


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