One volcano revealed all CO2 emissions trading fraud

Professor Ian Playmer famously said on the subject. If you read his book, you will agree that this is a great conclusion.

Here you have a bomb. The eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull, and the allocation to them in just 4 days nullified your every effort to reduce emissions of CO2, you made over 5 years — all of you. Now, given the Grimsvotn eruption May 21, 2011, the battle can be considered lost.

Of course you know this villainous carbon dioxide emissions we are trying to reduce.

Of course, it is hard to realize that efforts to reduce carbon emissions down the tube in just 4 days.

Only 4 days only one volcano wiped out all your efforts, and at any time on the ground about 200 active volcanoes that spew out of themselves this stuff DAILY.

Do not want to upset you, but I should note that when in 1991 the Philippines volcano Mount Pinatubo woke, the izvergnul the atmosphere more greenhouse gases than all of mankind in the history of its existence.

And then there are forest fires, for example, now off the western U.S., and Australia, and they alone will be useless all efforts to reduce CO2 emissions for the next couple of years. But the major forest fires happen in the world every year.

And just recently, the government tried to impose on us taxes on carbon emissions on the basis of a fake "human-induced" climate change.

Yeah, you know why they stopped using the phrase "global warming" and changed it to "climate change"? This is because the planet over the last hundred years has cooled by 0.7 degrees, and these climate clowns with their predictions mess.

And remember that you can still be imposed quotas on emissions trading scheme, which is just one more, and very substantial tax, which will only lead to what will empty your pockets. And I certainly will not stop the new releases new volcanoes …

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