Onerbank and GC Bank does not comment on the U.S. sanctions

Society of the U.S. Treasury Department imposed sanctions on two Belarusian banks with Iranian capital — JSC "Onerbank" and "Trade Capital Bank" (short name — the "CC Bank"). The sanctions approved in connection with the Iranian nuclear program. They relate to companies controlled by the Iranian government.

Manual and "Onerbanku" and "Trade Capital Bank" refused to comment on the decision of the U.S. government to impose sanctions. Only in the "shopping capital of the Bank" unofficially said "Freedom" that U.S. sanctions on their operations will not be affected.

Both banks — young small companies, they do not have any branches or representative offices. "Onerbank" was registered by the National Bank of Belarus in 2009, "CC Bank" — in 2008.

The chapter "Onerbanku" and the entire top management — the citizens of Iran. "CC Bank" headed Belarusian.

"Onerbank" owned Iranian bank "Refah Kargaran", "Saderat", "Tasee Saderat", and a controlling interest "CC Bank" (97.6 percent) has an Iranian bank "Tezharat."

The major areas of "Trade Capital Bank" refers financing and settlement of trade between Belarus and the countries of the Middle East, promoting large-scale investment from the region in Belarus. The size of regulatory capital "CC Bank" — 11.4 million euros.

The National Bank of Belarus are convinced that the two named bank with Iranian capital are not related to its nuclear program. This opinion was expressed by a few days ago, chairman of the National Bank Prokopovich. With such a statement was made today and the official representative of the NBB Nicholas Zhuravovich:

"Banks are created for the development of trade and economic relations between Republic of Belarus and Iran. They are subject to Belarusian law and only work in this area. Like all banks, they act under the control of the National Bank. "

According to Zhuravovich, Foreign capital is present in 25 Belarusian banks. 7 of them share the fund has a wholly-owned foreign origin.

Minsk economist Leonid Zlotnikov believes that control the specific calculations of these banks, the National Bank can not — for example, a fee for any equipment:

"And who's going to know what this equipment, as it will be used in Iran? Of course, if the calculations for nuclear materials, for example, where we have a little bit, and assume that they bought them, then I think that it is unlikely so they will issue to could undermine. "

According to Zlotnikau, some discomfort from U.S. sanctions Belarusian bank with Iranian capital would have, but they will be able to get around them.

This is the second case of U.S. sanctions against the Belarusian banks. In 2004, similar sanctions were imposed on "Info Bank", which the United States accused of money laundering Saddam Hussein. Later, "Infobank" had to even change the name to "The Trust Bank" since suffered a significant loss of image-making.



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