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Found Underground font, which supposedly was baptized by John the Baptist


British archaeologist in a cave in Jerusalem found artifacts, confirming that it was in this cave John the Baptist performed the ceremony of baptism. Although not all scientists agree with this discovery is very significant.

This cave is located at Kibbutz Tzuba, near Jerusalem's Ein Kerem. A Ein Karem was formerly a small village, famous as the birthplace of John the Baptist. Strictly speaking, the cave British archaeologist Simon Gibson did not open, found her 5 years ago. Now, however, were found various figures carved on the walls of the cave. Particularly impressive is the image of a man with a stick and a skin draped over his shoulders, which was allegedly done by Byzantine monks in the IV and V centuries BC Gibson clearly identifies this preacher John the Baptist, and to confirm his conjecture points to perpetuate the tradition of the local people is well-known in the field of their professional activities. That is, if the image is found next to the baptismal font, it is — John the Baptist.

Despite the fact that the excavation site found many, literally thousands, of fragments of ceramic ritual vessels, other historians have questioned the theory of Gibson. No one doubts that this cave is really used for baptism — it is carved in the rock and filling the pool with water, ideally suited for the ceremony, as well as with artificial stone pit in the shape of the human foot. Nearby there is another artificial recess, in which, apparently, pour the oil. The groove on the oil flowed up novookreschennogo, which corresponded to the rite of purification. However, this does not confirm that the image on the wall is a citizen of John the Baptist. All the more so, and the very real existence of this character is in doubt.

, however, it is very interesting. It would be enough just 28 stone steps leading up to this stone with grooves for the feet, and oil. By the way, the cave itself was broken in the rock long before the appearance of images, namely for more than a thousand years before that. So it makes sense to install, when the baptismal font and deeper into the rock. If at the same time with the cave, all the talk about John the Baptist will disappear by themselves. And Gibson apparently rushed to the publication of the book "The Cave of John the Baptist."


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