Opinion: The end of the biblical project. Political analyst Andrei Fursov

Biblical end of the project


Political analyst Andrei Fursov a new political system of world order "idealistic view of the world and the belief in moral compass, grafted Christianity European society are fading. Today people just run a complex system manipulation. The new ideology of the project will take the place of the Bible, but it will involve considerable social unrest "- a political analyst Andrei Fursov


Be careful, cut the phrase "faithful ortadoksii"????

Our view is, why was removed this phrase:

Modern scholars, historians, and theologians ROC claim that Russia became Orthodox, only through the baptism of Rus and Byzantine Christianity spread among the dark, wild, steeped in pagan Slavs. This formulation is very convenient to distort history and belittling the significance of the oldest cultures of the Slavic peoples.

The word Orthodox means glorifying the good word of the Glorious Peace law, ie Light of the world of the gods and the ancestors of ours. In the modern sense, "academic intellectuals" identifies Orthodox Christianity and the ROC (Russian Orthodox Christian Church). An opinion that the Russian — is necessarily an Orthodox Christian. This formulation — is fundamentally wrong. Russian — hence, the Orthodox, the term is undeniable. But Russian, it is not necessarily a Christian, because not all Russian — Christians.

The name itself was given the Orthodox Christian bishops in the XI century (1054 AD), the split into eastern and western churches. Western Christian church centered in Rome, became known that the Catholic Universal, and the eastern Greek-Byzantine church centered in Constantinople (Constantinople) — Ie orthodox Faithful. And in Russia Orthodox assumed the name of the Orthodox Church, because Christian teaching force to be spread among the Orthodox Slavic peoples.

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