Orthodoxy — the etymology of the word. What is Orthodoxy?

Orthodoxy — drevneerusskoe concept has tens of thousands of years and has its roots in ancient Vedic Russian national religion, which described a world order with the concepts "Reality" (The material world) "Nav" (Peace prototype) "Rights" (Forming the world) and "Glory" (The creative world) — (four levels of world order) — at that time the Russian people praised the "rules" were in the Truth and called — Orthodox.

Accordingly, the orthodoxy in the Old Slavonic language means a magic act, forming the world of perfection. Currently, the concept of "Orthodoxy" perverted, and even appeared absurd phrase — "Christian Orthodoxy," which is used in the sense of "Christian orthodoxy", and refers to the same context as the "orthodox Islam".

Orthodoxy means Praise Rights. Russian Orthodox Church received its name after the reforms of Nikon, who realized that defeat Rodnoverie Rusov failed, left to try his assimiliprovat with Christianity. The correct name ROC in the outside world "The Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Byzantine-wing"

Until the 16th century, even in the annals of Russian Christian you will not find the term "Orthodox" in relation to the Christian religion. To the concept of "faith" is used such epithets as "God", "true", "Christian", "right" and "immaculate." And in the foreign text and now you will never see this name as a Byzantine Christian church called — orthodox, and the Russian translation — correct doctrine (in opposition to all the other "wrong").

Orthodoxy — (From the Greek. Orthos — straight, correct, and doxa — view), the "correct" belief system, a fixed reference point of the religious community, and is mandatory for all members of the community, orthodoxy, the agreement with the teachings preached by the church. Orthodox Church called mostly Middle Eastern countries (for example, the Greek Orthodox Church, the orthodox Muslim or Orthodox Judaism). Unconditional adherence to some teachings, solid consistency in the views. Opposed to orthodoxy — heterodoxy and heresy. Never and nowhere in other languages, you can not find the term "Orthodoxy" concerning the Greek (Byzantine) religious forms. The substitution of the terms of imagery external aggressive form needed because IHI images did not work on our Russian land, that had to mimic existing conventional images.

Even the term "gospel"Christians stole from the government of Rome language, it means" the highest order "-" the good news of the sovereign people. " First, religion is not called "Christian" and was distributed to the port cities of the Fallen the dregs of society (converts), which is most easily succumbed to the Christian lies and promises to write off all sins. The most pious Christians became the most ordinary Thais penitents, frayed over the years his talent. This is no accident. Early Christian "blessed righteous" veering between chapel and their haunts. They came up with this well-known formula:  "Do not sin — not yet, and do not repent — not saved". The new religion, infecting enough courtesans and slaves, originally known by different names: the "true believers", the "loyal disciples of the Apostles", the "new prophecy." The name "Christian" was given to them by their opponents. Only at the end of II century it will become an accepted and mainstream ..

Apex sermons Tertullian was saying: "I believe because it is absurd". Here is how this provision is formulated: "crucified the Son of God — not a shame, because it is shameful. And the death of the son of God — it is quite certain, for the absurd. A buried, he rose again — that's right, because it is impossible. "  Such is the logic.

Term "Paganism" means "other languages". This term, he served previously Rusichi simply to identify the people speaking in other languages. Subsequently, Jews decided to saturate the term "paganism» (pagan) negative images that have successfully done in the Torah and the Talmud, and the Bible and the Koran, and currently maintain a position in all the media.

Understanding the foundation of the universe: Reveal, Navi, the right, the glory, the invaders of Russia wanted to ban and convert energy in people's minds their own use, to introduce the concept of "hell", which in Russia did not exist.

Reality this is our familiar world in which we live.
Nav a world of their ancestors, where our souls go after death in the world Reveal.
Praise it is the world of the gods, and where we and our ancestors tried to get subconsciously remembering that the ancient Russians — the children of the gods.
Steer Kononov and this establishment, porubezhe between all three worlds, interacting with each other so that descendants are converted into the nature of his ancestors to have been mutual transitions between the worlds Reveal shower and Navi, to follow in the world of fame by way of rules.

"The gods do not take any Russian victims of human and animal life, only fruits, vegetables, flowers, grains, milk, Pitney Surya, fermented with herbs and honey, and never live poultry and fish. And it Vikings and Greeks give a sacrifice to the gods, and other terrible — human. We do not want to do it, because we ourselves — Dazhdbogovy grandchildren and did not try to sneak in the footsteps of strangers. "

The Book of Veles. "Troyan century."

Of Veles book that our ancestors worshiped: the right, the glory, Reveal, Navi, and called their religious system of Orthodoxy, which consists of the names of the two gods — the Government and the glory. While Nikon's reform (seventeenth century) put an end to dualism at the state level, prayer Believers preserved names gods: Reality, Perun, Sventovit, Velez …. , Indicating a persistent dualism even in our days. And even the dual belief preserved in the name of Russian religious system — "Christian orthodoxy" — one Christian faith, and the other Orthodox.

Rule, of glory, and Reality Nav called world gods because dealing with each of these gods was happening through the "world." The word "peace" comes from the "world," which is a kind of perfumed ointment of special composition, were made for each god resin corresponding sacred tree. With the world of man joined to a particular god.

Rule, of glory, and Reality Nav — gods female. The goddess typically occur two concepts: the right (correct) and the right side. On behalf of the Goddess Slava also established two things: great (nice) and the left side (left — fame). With the coming of Christianity was an attempt to introduce a new notation: "right" with "oshuya" and "left" by "right hand", but new words are not accustomed.

Regulation — the truth, the correct, right, right, the government aimed. In Sanskrit means PRAVhavapyaya is where everything is happening and what all is dissolved at the end of life, which corresponds to the Slavic legends of the divine world of rules.

Glory — the glory of the Slavs, Svyatoslav, Vladislav, Borislav, Rostislav, Vyacheslav, …. .

Princes of Kiev as the state religion was beneficial to have Christianity, claiming monarchy since Orthodoxy was based on kopskom law (see article K.Zaharova "Kopskoe right") and clashed with Christian pyramidal building society. For this reason, the ancient faith was doomed to oblivion.

Since the time of the Christianization of Russia there were at least 4-D Civil War. Russian Prince Vladimir baptized and accepted Christianity in Russia, could not immediately get rid of the old gods and saints, and Christ has been likened to them. Therefore IX to XIII century in Russia there dualism. According to the Russian philosopher A.A.Sedovu, Christianity included as an element in the ancient Orthodox faith. Ancient Arabic sources narrate that during the period of dual faith in the ancient Russian state, when Christianity implanted with fire and sword, was wiped off the face of the Earth about 3,000 Orthodox cities. At that time, there were krasnovery long before conservatives who left the hermitage and the avoided Christianization and musulmanizatsii. The same is the story and the Christian ancient sources — Suzdal Chronicle: "The wise men beat Stahr chat, more Gobineau they held." The interpreter translated this phrase: "The wise men beat people because they have concealed wealth." Unfortunately, it happens that the reading translations of ancient texts, we do not learn about the ancient culture, but the culture of translation of these texts. Chat he translated as people, but the Russian word "child" means a child, and the Sanskrit "Chalo" — a student-child (compare with the Russian word for man), therefore, more likely that the "old chat" — a faithful worshiper of the old gods . This phrase shows an apparent contradiction — Magi beaten believers to worship the gods, who were the Magi themselves. Clearly, they beat the flock could not, but the Christian priests of this could be all the bases. Next translator translates: "because they concealed wealth." In general, the concept of wealth as an abundance of things, there was a relatively long time, because that wealth was associated with the gods, with speech, with intangible things. Gobineau and likely could not mean wealth, in the material sense of the word. Root GBA almost does not occur today in the Russian language, but the reverse reading of his Word, God gives, from which the researchers concluded that this word signified everything that received from God, that is, divine energy or aura, as would be said of modern psychics. Based on this record, we can conclude that the struggle between Orthodoxy and Christianity in the ancient Russian soil was of a hard one.

Nikon's reform has another religious division, which led to another civil war, followed by the Old Believers uprising led by Stepan Razin, then Pugachev. Fighting dual faith in Russia was to struggle against the remnants of the ancient faith, which Nikon together with the Russian Emperor Alexius quietest succeeded. And as a result of their activities, children in schools still teach that the uprising of the people were called the difficult economic situation of the peasants, not their commitment to the Orthodox faith.

The final split occurred, occurred after the Muslim Tatars. New Orthodox faith has retained the old name, but changing the nature, destroyed the etheric and astral components egregore, making him helplessly.

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