Our president — a miracle. Just not enough money

According to the Gallup poll, one in five people in Belarus is ready to leave the country permanently, and every third — to work abroad. What do you think — why? What people think about it Grodno passers?

Elderly man: "The fact that salaries are low. For example, I work here in the executive committee, we have typists, secretaries, they do not get five hundred thousand. Even I, a steward of the executive committee, also get about five hundred thousand. This is a very little, I want to earn more. That's why people are leaving. "

Young man: "Just in Belarus not make any money, the prices are all expensive. Money is simply not enough."

Pensioner: "We are not able to go anywhere because we have to sixty-two years, we are old people. To have been young, too, would have left as well — we can not."

I — the commander of the submarine, and no one needs, no matter where you go all, age is not suitable

Woman: "With one side, everyone says — Belarus, Grodno — and pure, and good, quiet, comfortable. But the material aspect of all suffering. Do not get a job. Here's my daughter — her forty years, and can not get anywhere else, because only young. Yes pay what? For the money — for three or four hundred thousand — can not buy anything. Now go to the store — and there is nothing left. And everything is fine, our president is a miracle, and I just love Belarus, and his whole policy love. Only money is not enough, the only prychynka. "

Man: "I graduated from the Military Academy, Academy. My experience would be useful, but I do not need anyone, because I fifties goes. And I — the commander of the submarine, and no use to anyone, no matter where you go all, age is not suitable, Here it should be removed. I — the captain of the first rank. "

Man: "I do not know, personally, I'm going abroad is not because we have to work there. And then I do not work, and I feel good … Censorship will reject what I said. And because I do not work and do not I will work, and abroad to work, so I'm not going anywhere from here. "

Woman: "low standard of living, wages generally miserable."

I had to, there was no alternative, as we have already starving, eating dog food, I honestly say

Young man with a baby, "Salaries are very small, there is no development. Plants are on their knees, do not rise. Young nowhere to settle. Sends to five years to work off the farm, and then what? Lumina No".

His wife, "Now young road anywhere not at all. If you want to get somewhere, you need to have somewhere familiar. We do not have that in the state as it was before: you came — and you are guaranteed a job. Therefore I'd like everyone to leave, so they know that they will somehow earn some money. My wife — the designers, specialty, for us, is not no future here. Perhaps that was a possibility, too, would have left. "

Woman: "I went myself. My husband died, assigned a very meager pension. Two girls grew up — put on shoes, dress them was almost impossible. And then the study began, and then began to go get married, and I had to, there was no alternative since we already starving dog food eating, I sincerely say. And this was because my salary was not enough. "



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