Pentagon cuts costs

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced plans to significantly reduce the governing apparatus of the military establishment, in particular, we plan to eliminate the joint command of the armed forces. According to Gates' plan is proposed cuts will save $ 100 billion over 5 years.

The Minister stressed that the reform plan assumes no reduction in defense spending, and their rationalization, reduction of inefficient management units armed forces.

9 years after the terrorist attacks on America September 9, 2001 annual U.S. military spending has almost doubled and are 700 billions of dollars, 170 billion of them — on the conduct of hostilities in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The minister said that the main motives of the proposed reform — two wars, which lead the U.S., and the rapid growth of public debt.

Robert Gates

On a plan Gates, planned in the next year to reduce by 10% the use of outside contractors to cut back on the number of drill 50 generals and admirals, to freeze for the next three years, the number of jobs the Pentagon and the military command.

The most "loud" planned reduction — the joint command of the armed forces, which is located in Norfolk, Virginia, and has approximately 5,000 employees. This structure coordinates the activities of various branches of the armed forces of the United States, the annual cost of her make up a quarter of a billion annually.

"I have instructed every military establishment consider unnecessary and inefficient units and structures — the minister said Gates, talking about reform — of course, it is a politically sensitive issue. Now Congress authorizes the Department of Defense to cancel the military establishment. But it is difficult — it does not mean impossible. And I believe that the Congress will work together with us to reduce unnecessary costs in this part of the defense department. "

Robert Gates appointed defense minister by President Bush, under President Obama, the Democrat, he retained his post. Gates is respected in both major parties of the country and in Congress and in the Senate.

But now lawmakers say the head of the Pentagon would have to convince them that his reform plan will not weaken the country's defense.

One of the Democratic senators said that he sees no rational grounds for termination of the joint command of armed forces.

His minister supported the President Barack Obama.

Experts say that the minister is trying to make is that the owner of a commercial firm in crisis — reduces administrative costs, and the links governance structures. But as the military establishment — not a business firm, is recognized as the Minister himself, and according to experts, the struggle for reform will not be easy.


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