People prevent the Apocalypse

People prevent the Apocalypse

Through our colleague received a message from nonhumans. With the approval of the Supreme Council of the Heads of Russian families AKOO "Russian treasury" publishes information on this treatment, his motives and his essence.

This creature is brought to contact his fear — he knows no other emotions — of retribution for what they were doing and they do it "countrymen". Below is a description of that part of the message, which concerns the secretive management mechanisms of social processes, and then — explanation of the points that need clarification.

Valery Larionov
Chairman AKOO "Russian treasury" — BASTION


People turned to the representative of the creatures (do they want to be and call themselves "race", but we are here and we will call them non-humans — VL.) Living in the world, along with the races of Men. The reason for treatment was that partSubman, he is not happy with what is happening on the planet due to the activities of otherSubman

Today's activities of "fellow" addressed to upset the balance of the planet. They opted for absolute obedience PeopleSubman, full transfer of power over people heads, performing tasksSubman. It causes violent response of people actually is a reaction to the actions ofSubman. People were split likeSubman, and in some cases are already in large-scale bloody actions.

Changed planetary rhythms, related to the physical and mental activity of people. Today's events on the planet lead to a planetary catastrophe that will destroy every living thing, and reasonable balance of forces to restore relations, bring back the natural order of things.

To do this, people need to know who their real enemy is aiming for full submission of the human species, humanity — as society, the destruction of most of the people who represent it unnecessary for a "new world order".

Subman, represented turn again to our own planet.
Being a stranger in the world, it is not classified biological science today, there is the "official" scientific doctrines, although presented in a "closed" part of the science and folklore.

Representatives of thisSubmanlive about 1,000 Earth years, comparable to the size of Humans and have some commonality in the constitution, in comparison with people they lowered the temperature of the body, eyes shifted to the infrared region of the spectrum, vertical, "twilight" type, the pupil, the more people are sensitive to radiation.

They have the ability to mental control, limited telepathic abilities, do not possess an immortal essence of people and unichtozhaemy forever. Able to eat the flesh of any warm-blooded animals of the Earth, but the most advantageous for regeneration and assimilation of human blood.

Social structure unique among the highest forms of life on the Earth is not.
Under natural conditions for themselvesSubmaninhabits equally distributed among individuals, sections "nest", autonomous and with adequate resources, on the basis of cells, with a single center-womb to the reproductive and coordinating function.

The last such center, which opened access to hybrid organisms and managed people, located on the island of Malta, but now it is no center.

To date, theSubmandivided into groups with different settings and methods of survival.

Some representatives of ethnic groups live among human races, practicing sacrifice, voluntary agreement with the ethnic groups, or satisfies the necessities of life in an environment of anti-social elements, dropped out of the lives of people important to the public as a result of degeneration.
This is their natural, by the law of the universe, our destination, an alien, planet.

The other part, settled on protected islands controlled by human structures, is seeking a full restructuring of coexistence intelligent life on Earth, affecting the social processes of Men.

The program is implemented through the artificially created beings, is a product of multi-stage mixing of blood and MenSubman(hereinafter — a creature in human understanding — VL.) By individual communities and groups, mutated, through communities and individuals driven psycho-somatic techniques.

Impact is in the key structures of most states, the extra-and supra-national institutions of the government, financial, socio-cultural, scientific and other centers.

The direct management representativesSubmancarried out in respect of the very limited "inner circle" of people, usually from the mutant with the greatest impact on the state power structures.

To those, in particular, is "dedicated to the part" of the notorious "Bilderberg".
Above it there are four of them, but they are not leading from themselves human bodies, and are subject toSubman

Completely controlled, although not included in the "inner circle", the leading core of the leading supranational financial institutions, all major pharmaceutical, investment, media, resource companies, all companies, built in the form of transnational networks.

Members of the ruling elite of the state, some of culture, science — in industries that have toSubmanpriority, held together with a representative of theSubman"Initiation" in the form of complicity in the killing of the victims, and the handling of blood, acquiring at the same psychological and physiological dependence onSubman

RepresentativesSubmanpatronize a number of occult societies, traditional shaman, African, East Asian, and other cults, admitting killing people. In Russia, such a "black voodoo" southern Siberia.

ISubmanthere is no representation in the UN, continental interstate alliances, military blocs, but all important decisions are consistent.

Forpointof force used secret services are not subject to any of the States, and the "private armies" of the companies.

This activity began as a program of survival because of the impossibility of reproduction in the human sense of the word in terms of the Earth. To date, the program objectives were not met. RepresentativesSubmanalmost barren.

Achieve natural reproductionSubmanby creating a full breeding on Earth organisms with basic functionsSubman, failed.
Hybrid creatures produce offspring after lengthy technological impacts that require the involvement of several generations of women human races. Mutated people during the reproductive cycle in need of constant medical support.

The group is currently engaged in survival techniques through restructuring of public structures People taking steps to complete the transformation of relations existing in the world, the destruction of most of the people of biological and technical resources, the concentration of all forms of intelligent life and activities in the more compact areas, "nesting" consisting of groups of "nests" with the infrastructure for hybrid and managed organisms, with the most suitable forSubmannatural conditions.

In Russia such "nesting" three. Outside the "nest" is planned for the rest of the establishment of Peopleregime of slaverywith complete suppression of intellect, will, individual differences, national identity and the elimination of the family.

The process of land redistribution, which began a quarter century ago, the World Bank and other major financial institutions of the world, completed today.

Running and close to realize several programs for the destruction, suppression and restructuring. They are all people known.

At the same time the Earth has entered a mode of self-purification, the final of which, if nothing changes, can be described by many Apocalypse. ISubmanno time for recovery.

While this is all that can be read out.


The Last Stand

The essence and the message, and all the latest developments, technological, natural and social disasters, and the events that are now silenced, and those that will be quite straightforward. The planet has been turned the natural order of things, and the Earth began to self-clean.

"Inorasoy" these creatures, of course, are not and can not be by definition. By race, though "foreign", though not a "foreign", they do not belong.

It's just parasites, biological relatives are coming — fungi suck the body, which settled. When the body is killed, they will either find the next or die with him if the next was not. On the ground, they have infected humanity, our clans, have stuck, like a fungus, a family tree of each of us, and now it's time to clean it.
Let potter in humus, below the roots, if any, they want to exist there — their place.

The real threat now — is the transition of the bad people, the owners of all the "Bilderberg Group", to direct rule.

When will be publicly disclosed, which belongs to whom and where, who should obey. So they're up to.

And the main enemy of the Inhumans — naturally, people, especiallyRussian, had not forgotten about his race. Smart, rebellious, freedom-loving, capable of self-organization and active resistance of the people. The people that can unite and lead the other nations. The people — the winner, the worst enemy forSubmanand their slaves —CREATURES

That is why the dark confessions, concepts, doctrines, movements, works for the destruction of Births, eradication of ancestral memory. Tribal organization that has kept in mind the Russian people, which holds the Russian people from the spiritual subjugationSubman, again began to emerge.

While unconscious, but the way people reproduce, based on valuesRhode Family-Motherland, distinguished people, from their bezRodi. This is the end of the management and unsociable creatures.

Now I will explain things that raise questions.

Who are the Inhumans

First of all, being lower, which function on the Earth and in the universe — collection of highly negative results of immortal beings, including humans.
Put simply, a waste of human society, every kind of degenerates, perverts, killers, has not reached people.

Instead, they turned the course of life on earth, taking place not peculiar to themoverhuman society, dirtied planet industrial waste, introduced destructive nature of technology, replaced the highest spiritual values lower.

Instead of adapting itself to the existing life on the planet, taking it natural to "pomoechnuyu" niche, they decided to adaptfor themselves, making the "dump" the entire planet.

Planet reacted. This is the essence of change today formidable technological and natural processes. Everything in the world is interconnected. All that is done, has a cause.

"Hidden Neighborhood" well known to people and folklore, and literature as the "undead", "vampires", "vampire", "vurdulaki."

To present their look, just remember of Gogol "Wii", Tolstoy's "Family Ghoul", rejecting mysticism and fantastic moments, applying logic and modern knowledge.
In the first case we are talking aboutSubman, and the second on the direct progeny Inhumans —Creature. Both independently offspring can not give. And this is their main problem in the world.

Traditional breeding Inhumans located in remote and isolated islands from continents, the existence of which many are unaware.
The most significant "nesting" guarded secret services of powerful states and the so-called international organizations (the UN), without even knowing they are protected.

They have a lot of helpers among the people, control of which carry hybrids nonhumans and humans —Creature, living in the major cities, where it is easy to hide the traces of their presence.

As subhuman rule the world

Since all attempts to create their own non-humans immortal offspring ended in failure in the world, they have developed methods of mental control and hybrids — a creature, and their slaves — people who, guided by the created programs that have reached the point of no return.

Management is carried out by spiking — mental and emotional replacement of created my own thoughts-oriented, as well as widespread use of coding and zombiraniya.

Mankind has struck this demoralizing MEN basis is very deep, but each person will keep his individual choice.

Building a parasitic feeding (public) chains, slaves nonhumans provide control over all the variety of social, political and technological activities of people.

An example of such a body as the control notorious "Bilderberg"

Here are just some of the characters from the list of members of the "core" of "Bilderberg":

— Beartiks, Queen of the Netherlands, daughter of Prince Bernhard;

— Richard Perle (Richard N. Perle), former head of the Defense Policy at the Pentagon, now one of the most ardent followers of Leo Strauss, that is one of the key figures neoconservatism;

— David Rockefeller (David Rockefeller), a descendant of the famous dynasty of financiers, one of the oldest members of the club. He is also the honorary chairman of the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg similar structure including countries in Asia;

— James David Wolfensohn (James D. Wolfensohn), Australian financier, who took U.S. citizenship to become president of the World Bank (1995-2005). Now chairman of consulting firm Wolfensohn & Co;

— Robert Bruce Zoellick (Robert B. Zoellick), an American banker, former U.S. Federal Reserve, the current president of the World Bank;

Members of the "bilderbergskogo Club" does not directly involve the organization in its work, in which we work. But it is interesting to analyze what the structure. Members of the "core" are: the media corporations: Der Standard (Austria), Prisa (Spain), Torstar and Chapters (Canada), SIC (Portugal), in the universities of Harvard (USA), Leiden (Netherlands) in the economy: Suez -Tractebel (Belgium), Dong Energy (Denmark), Alcoa (USA), Telecom Italia and Fiat (Italy), Royal Dutch Shell (Netherlands), Syngenta and Novartis (Switzerland), Ko? (Turkey), in finance: Toronto-Dominion (Canada), AXA (France), KKR, Perseus, Ripplewood and Rockefeller (USA) in international organizations: the European Commission, the World Bank and the UN.

(Thierry Meyssan, — Source)

Already this year gathered Inhumansenter a new world order
The Board is not "spacers" between themselves and the people in a controlled, managed, programmed dynasties and clans, but in the literal form, without the "democracies" and other things. After the governors of the high group on — creatures.

What shall we call this form? In the "classic" left to us lzheistorii such forms is not described.
At the same time will greatly reduce the population, for the running of measures — a virus that kills all vaccinated with simultaneous humanitarian disasters, local wars and "disorders" against pandemics.

Is an active construction of the "nest" nonhumans. "Central agglomeration nesting" — Altai.

Inhumans promised "dedicated" place with him and comfort. Communion, "dedication" is through the blood and complicity. This complicity today tied and "mega-elite," and the most powerful servants of the number of "public figures" — that is, the heads of state, the owners of financial empires.

Not everything goes according to plan with the members of this motley "community". Resist and people — albeit unconsciously, and the planet.

In the very communities growing contradictions multiply mental and physical disease, and many of the intermingled no longer rely on "nesting", invested in a yacht with an autonomous life support for years. That they are unlikely to save — simply because it is too large burden of guilt to the people. You can not hide from it and uplyvesh. No one can replace at will the laws of the universe.

Traces of the Inhumans

In addition to the hidden, there is direct evidence of unusual activity unsociable and increased frequency of rituals, "intermingled."

By this evidence includes cases of mass appearance bloodless, dismembered bodies are charged to the action of maniacs and disaster.
The investigation of such cases, as a rule, is accompanied by numerous eccentricities, defaults, direct patronage of the investigators, destroying unwanted evidence and clues from their senior management.

This is the meaning psevdokatastrofy MI-8 in the Altai Mountains, the details of which can be read online AKOO "Russian treasury" — "Bastion" — a reference, and the subsequent events.

Obvious traces of the same communion in "Krasnoyarsk teenagers" — a reference, "Stolen Barnaul abiturientok" — Link and other similar events — a list of some of them are given at the end of said material on the site "Russian treasury" — "Bastion".

Such things happen in neighboring Russia Kazakhstan and Ukraine. So, 01.11.2010. was killed by exsanguination family Gordeeva — residents of the East Kazakhstan region, the details of which have been removed even from the Internet.
Caught on the underreporting of bleeding investigators involved in the recent murder of a famous Sevastopol — LINK. Similar problems were experienced consequence engaged Kushchevskaya case.

"Russian Treasury" will continue to inform about the manifestations of the non-humans.

When people throw off the created eye wraith, they marvel at how much evidence about the activities of non-humans. And then will lose their power and build a life in human fundamentals — Rhode Family-Motherland. How, is set on the site "Russian treasury" — "Bastion" LINK — "Statement to the national referendum"

God be with us the power of Russian families!

Will be.



Documentary investigation/ Material is very extensive, so please refer to the original source — links are /

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Open letter.
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To the head of Russian birth!

We appeal to all who are willing to take responsibility for his family, for children, for their own and their future in the world. Who are aware that there is a war, whose main goal — the destruction of the Russian people.

It was you, man, the head of Russian families have always been the main goal of enemies who want to destroy the Russian people.
All of this is "global" and "local" wars, "Troubles" and the revolution. Arranged for this date Alcohol and Drug genocide, housing, land racketeering, induced crises, unemployment, and much, much more. Destroying the men responsible for his family, kill Rod. Rod killing, destroying the Russian people.

Physical destruction of the remnants of the Russian people — half the battle. More important to erase the memory of the Russian people, our ancestral memory. How much do you know about your ancestors? Three generations? Well if so. But today, every step you impose a surrogate replacement and our family, and our ancestral memory — a coven preachers depersonalization people, popular culture, "non-traditional family», «3D-nation" assimilation with foreigners and degenerates of all stripes.

Man without Rod has no past, no future, he — biomass, individual animal instincts. They are easy to manage.
A man without a family has no rear of the house, which will protect loved ones who can support. He is alone in the world, and it's easy to break.

State — we see at every turn — it suits them. Degenerate bureaucratic groups do not need the Russian people, they need to drunken rednecks, located in lifelong bondage to banks with overseas owners, not able to do anything without control.

Today, we, Russian, we can only rely on themselves.
It is time. It's time to be determined: who is a friend, who is an enemy.

Friend — is the same as you, the Russian people, normal, hard-working, not three friends, who took over responsibility for the fate of their loved ones. Man ready of their time, effort and money to spend for the victory and the revival of the people.
No need for blood oaths, rites, and more. By this a conscious decision you have already led his race. If you do that honestly, I decided to firmly stand with you all your ancestors, all their strength. Once each of them defended, preserved and continued your kind, or you were not on this earth. Once you have some, they completed the task. Perform you. Think of the sort and was reunited with his people. Together with other Russian birth.

Enemy — are parasites, creature in all forms, combinations, thoughts, actions. They stole our history destroyed Institute of Generic contract — king, replacing it with "elected" rogues and impostors stole Native faith perverted Russian culture, replacing it incomprehensible ritual, which takes place in a strange masked faces. But no one will steal Rod, because here and now Rod — is you! So just believe in yourself, in your line of the Russian people.

Do not pity the enemy, do not believe any of his false promises that anyone of you decides it right. You're not welcome strangers.
Do not be afraid of threats and the responsibility for decisions taken by you: now you are not alone.
Do not ask the enemy no mercy, no mercy — he is an enemy, as a man you do not want him, but only as a slave and a donor.
Do not look for the truth in any actively promoted exercise — you just open the creature false paths. Find out what is true today is extremely simple: if the authors, websites, books, course, exercises are open, easily accessible and widely navyazyvaemy — this is not true.

We do not encourage or argue, or pray or celebrate. We urge organize the lives of a human being, in Russian — honest, clear, no parasites and critters.

We are not going to overthrow someone, go for someone war. To restore our people to return by birth, to breathe life into the ground, this is not necessary. Enough of Russian blood. We unite to build.
Altai — the place from which will go a revival. Ancestral village in the foothills of the Altai, on the creation of which we work today — one of the forms of this revival. Becoming independent of the parasitic structures in cities and towns across social self, HOA, consumer associations and cooperatives — that's appropriate form for those who still live in existing settlements.
Countering parasites and their associations, bureaucrats and embezzlers, effective forms and methods in everyday life — this is our main method of ensuring national security. Do it yourself or do it with us, if you take responsibility for yourself, family, genus.

When Rod unite, there will be no force that will be able to resist.

God be with us the power of Russian families!

The Supreme Council of the Heads of Russian families

Ready to go with us and build a normal life in the ancestral populations, or where you live — please contact us:
Phone: 8-( 3852) 50-07-54

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