People under the Topol

What wonders officer missile forces, when not pressed against the nuclear button
Taman Division Strategic Missile combat power is the largest rocket mix in Europe. Her arms are famous intercontinental ballistic missile, "Topol-M" silo-based. Thanks to their charges in the world remains a strategic parity with our forces and the state at the very least continue to be neighbors in the planet. Correspondents "PP" learned how to perform service-TAMANTSEV missile crews and trembles whether their finger poised over the nuclear button.
— Show the rocket, the rocket show well, the second hour of whining photographer "PP", referring to the officers. He knows quite close, only 100 meters away, just over that fence of Stitching wire is, the cover, covered with a camouflage net, and under it in the shaft depth of 40 meters It — "Topol-M".
— Well, the regime in our country, said the same: regime — the second hour of the photographer to meet the "PP" officers. And then all of a sudden they say briefly: "Yes, in Google Come, we do it all look."

People under the "Topol"

Flash left

I often dreamed of as a boy nuclear war — disrupted municipal agitprop. It's not that I have nightmares, faster — horror films: a flaming fireball like clot breaks the window. But waking up was still painful — and suddenly on the other side of the window all the Russian people are already dead? In the village of Light, near Saratov, where stationed Taman Division, for sure, with such horrors have learned to operate, though the village — the purpose of the imaginary enemy.
— Yes, we do not need any mental training, — says Olga G., deputy chief of staff for the Bright social issues, and in combination — an officer's wife with the experience. — What is there to fear? We will end immediately, but others will have to suffer radiation disease.
Its a trained suicide bombers fatalism envy.
— And where did you get that on a light blow will be dealt first? — Asks the psychologist division Sergei Yesenin. — They will not be pulyat the empty space. Our missiles are something will go — in response to their triggers. Enemy earlier strike, for example, in Balakovo. And it is better not to take it into his head — concludes an expert on the head.
We talk to him on Fri mental health care and rehabilitation. Suddenly, here and there on the parade ground-disturbing sounds disgusting moo siren. Yesenin's head does not turn: drill.
In short, what does not kill us, we get used to that.

May 30 Hiroshimas

To New York missile "Topol-M" flies 30 minutes. At the same principal, from flies. "30 minutes and all" — and they say. There is something magical about this formulation.
Traditionally power missiles "Tatishchev Division" — a popular her name came about when the settlement was called Tatischevo-5 — define the edges of the second world war. It's all very simple: one product — one front. Or Hiroshima. And for some reason do not define Nagasaki. They say this: "Topol-M" — it's like 30 5 Hiroshimas.
— Share all on how much-or, — warns our guide, Colonel Alexei Gusakov. — Military love to exaggerate everything, so I know: life
in the army.

Undisputed hypothetical opponents

Russian Defense Minister holds meeting on downsizing. "Any suggestions?" — Asks. One of his deputies replied: "I think you need to start shrinking from Ohio and Nevada."
This is — who did not realize or did not serve — funny story. But in every joke there is a place the command "Yes, sir."
Whatever is read as the generals about "refocusing our military doctrine", and the main conventional enemy all the same has been and remains America. And our 47-ton "Poplars" — this is something small that we can oppose it. Remember already axiomatic: "I dream to go to America — comes to missile troops?" Maybe the General Staff said on another, or somehow on the other line movement. But enough to score one of the most popular Internet search programs of the word "Russian" and "USA" (you can on the contrary), as here lice jump on a monitor which is popular request of users, "war." Since people all thinks.
I told the officers had heard a different story about the Strategic Missile Division 1st rocketeer. During the cool of the war for many years he was sitting at the same "point" Berendeevo somewhere in the wilds of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. He was convinced that he has become a native missile aimed at the U.S. tochnehonko. Later, metal curtain fell, he retired from the army, was visiting, came with his wife in New-york.
— In Central Park, he moved to the top of the demiurge advantage: there for him as a ballistic charge or some Monad, has fallen off the feeling that he is all of these idle people, rich people gave life — I finish my novel.
My interlocutors meet without the drama:
— And not only it.
Either it's such specific strategic missile humor?
— Is it possible to figure out where to focus rocket?
— It was previously possible. Calculates about — on the proposed district, at the approximate line of traffic, number of fuel in a rocket. And at the moment there is no missile in the hands of only numbers and codes. Filled in with supplies. Maybe in the U.S. to fly, but can — and in Poland.
In the past year alone, our television, which broadcasts to the West took off in the "Tatishchev Division" movie. There's an officer on duty at the launcher, convinces as malehankih, civilized western audience, "We are not maniacs who decided to kill the world. And people who want to feel like masters of the world, too. "

Whose finger on the button?

At times in the TV people come to Taman Division. Different from anywhere. They came, for example, of Bashkiria. Journalist all tortured soldier, Say and tell what your slogan. He was held for a long time, and later decided to skhohmit: "After us — no one." The journalist believed. That's right they say that the one who was in the army, do not laugh at the circus.
A telepochin 10 years back put Vladimir
Posner. He came with a group of Air Force. Motivate a group of almost everything, but because behind this much stuck one question: "And if he is not idiot Russian officer, who made a finger on the nuclear button?"
Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Gusakov takes us on an old German car, but — in business class. Sounds Serbian music, something a la Bregovic. Trying to shout gypsy squeaks, he recalls how the shooting took place:
— Call me Deputy Commander, orders have character. Double-locked in my house repainted.
By the time someone has looked in the division movie about the life of ordinary South American rocketeer. The story and pictures there are traditionally marketing. Cottage rocketeer, his family is totally white teeth, poison-green meadow, all together, including the dog, fried sausages.
The block change.
Rocketeer in civilian clothes sits in the new SUV. Goes to the office. At the checkpoint waved his hand in greeting Protection — documents he did not inspect.
The block change.
The Rocketeer dresses for curtains in a military uniform, then to change to the launcher employee.
Sergey and his colleagues in all of this uncomplicated story is most memorable for some reason white panties Yankees flashed on the screen in such a light-hearted erotic dove. They were given these coward
— Better answer to why we all so of regime? And the Yankees, according to the film, no one guarding the missiles.
— Their desert. Sensitive cameras will work — flies a helicopter. And we have no helicopter. What is it in the woods? We elektrozagrazhdenie. However, it is still never catch saboteurs. You go along — more gophers caught roasted, rabbits hanging on the wire. I have a photo on the phone. Show?
Poznerovskogo film director by the name of Leslie, as it turned out later, once served in British intelligence. Earlier in the Taman Division foreigners generally came as a job — any commission, the delegation. Programmke on arms reduction, control and so on. "Tatischevtsy" remember these checks with the terminally healthy sarcasm.
— You watch list proveryalschikov, and yes there is some Borisy Anatolia with Vladimir.
— How is it?
— Well, our people, only the former. According to protocol, they put a translator. And you talk to them and see what they translator FIG needed. Eyes are so clever — immediately visible, and so that everyone understands.

Pioneer Dawn

Speaking of shorts. Those cowards who currently give conscripts, be happy in any small wholesale boutique. They, of course, is not white, but a style of prestigious. Recruits get them in the military before sending in part, together with sets of summer and winter clothing, including boots.
Segodnyaschy general conscription — at least, in the Taman Division — produces recollection of pioneer camp, albeit a serious mode.
Start with the fact that the service continues year. As the saying goes, even the men do not have time to be terrified. Fired a day a day, no delays. Introduced an afternoon nap time: who can not dress, can nap for an hour after a meal. The food itself is worthy of a separate discussion — not dyuner-kebabs, of course, but very solid salads, soups, burgers. As stated in the film grandstanding, "soldiers get tea, coffee and even cheese."
But most importantly, do not compote of bromine — under the title "Antisex" — and dried fruit. By the way, the question about the bromine as before the most burning in the army. Concedes,
perhaps, only enthusiasm — looks and acts like a dark bag with the president's nuclear button. But that's only concession to the local context.
I remember his service in the construction battalion. The end of the 80s. Our company was forgotten — it is, in general, it was commonplace — and a day or four did not bring food. No. We had only sunflower oil, we were drinking mugs.
— A reliable means to cleanse the body — responding to my bike is one of the army officers.
— Yet no one hungry is not crap — argues with him the other.
In general, it is clear that his own courage amaze me one here will not work: it's all the same hardships of military service, you need to endure. As has been said. The statute.
The regiment number 55555. With this number only to receive prizes. At first glance, this barracks imagined us exemplary. Where else would the military have led? But then it turns out that because of the "five fives" everywhere in the division. Above the entrance to the anonymous inscription: "Behold the part of the family, in the superior — his father, a friend — a brother." There is a slight feeling that at the moment the threshold shagnesh teacher Makarenko book "Flags of the towers." It is unclear who sleeps, who stood up. Preparations are underway outfits. Brownian movement, but immediately meaningful. Next to the man on duty — a box for letters. Cooler, wherein water. Recreation room with guitars, turtles, hamsters.
Associative function of the brain is rolling out on a platter daveshny our conversation with the teacher in the model airplane circle.
— Do you see the layout of the rocket parachute canopy? The guys have done. Hamster tied. Perfect flying. Come back safe and sound.
— Not so long ago, on the Black Sea donkey ran only on a paraglider in order to attract tourists. They opened a criminal investigation into izymatelstva on animals.
— I did not. But thank you for the warning.
So barracks. Press what you want: from strongly of mandatory "Red Star" to a completely optional Men's Health. Soars above the beds plasma TV set. The same feature almost all the shelves.
— Diagonal 106, incidentally — in confidence and at the same time, we proudly report to the counselors.
Linoleum floor. So, do not, like the Soviets, in the morning until the evening nadraivat wood putty "vzletku" with "camomile" — wire brush is more like a bar. Wow! And in the washroom to the same washing machine!
In each part of a psychologist. All psychologists are not many things that civilians have also ladies. Fighters, they resemble their mothers.
— We specifically why not swing so little disk imaging of the atmosphere in the units, what's the ladies — they say commanders frightening us with candor.

There is a body — is a matter of

And in the modern Russian army there was such an innovative concept, as the bodily examination. More precisely, the concept has been since 1997, but as of the examination was not like this: the procedure does not lusted to become "a deterrent manifestations of hazing." Today, it is the system. At least, so we were led. Every single day in the evening roll conscripts are building in the barracks dressed according to "time", in other words, shorts and sneakers. Bypassing the personnel conducting telesnik and zaveer — Deputy of educational work. These inspection bring in magazines, personal cards.
In this case the main thing — do not confuse the hematoma with scrapes from new boots. The regimental commander Gennady Koblik recalls how in his eyes off duty soldier stumbled on foot protection, fell, hit a stool and cut the skin on the head.
— We were called him first. His stitched up slightly there, just a few stitches. There were no shocks. But I reported on this terrible wound to the division commander, we called his mom, but know well that it was an accident, not hazing. — Colonel in the open about it does not dare to read, but his whole appearance indicates: a bust.
"Tatishchev" commanders generally very wary of the latest innovations in Moscow.
Finished kits to military schools — where to get a substitute for outgoing in store? Schools have closed warrant — where will the experts at engineering majors? Or here is already bad proposals, that conscripts served in the region from which he was called. And on Saturday and Sunday decided to make a weekend for those who are not on duty. And who then our border with China will be protected? In the same population — half a person on a thousand acres.
— Left brothel put them in part for a full hormone of happiness — we say more for laughter.
— Do not give, but we do — from the sudden regret meets one of the officers. Decrypts: — closed administrative-territorial formation.

Your lordship

But everyone here knows each other in person, and others can be seen immediately. In another more than clear that the way we passed the checkpoint, near a police car braked us? SVETLYY police we liked: courteously checked the documents and, sorry to trouble you, they said that they are now "the day of excessive vigilance."
— What happened? — We ask, knowing that missed the news report about the next terrorist attack.
— Now a day Birthdays head of the police. Well, the Russian president at the same time.
Immediately clear that the Light — the settlement of the military. All were zoned. Even a civilian position. On the question of how to pass, a counter will say, 'This is for you in the garage area of need. "
Number of inhabitants is considered inside information here. But with all her pleasure disclose 13 thousand.
The officers they say that their village is divided into three areas: the Land of Fools, Center and Buttermil
Country of fools — as far. What kind of fool would live there? Center — the center. There caravel on a pedestal — the object is not very modern, not very old art. A Buttermilk — where the barracks were previously, and at this point had built five-story building. But the signs of the rural subculture continue to crow and grunt.
Gobies in Svetlyj taken throw in the trash. Over the trash — no penalty. From up to 4 thousand. But two witnesses are required.
Local residents own village affectionately referred to as "c / h No. 89553." They say that the alphanumeric set of simpler language than crush the words "Light" or "Taman". Rocket men in general, we have seen have a passion for acronyms. A third-party man never learns what they say they are among themselves. Here, for example, what it means:
"A round up-ka you, brother, in office NPiAGO, and later in PSiMO, NSA and service NBC"?
If you ask transcript, utter: a military secret. And in fact it turns out that this is some sort of peaceful subdivision KECh — residential-operational part. We managed to elicit only one secret: everywhere we accompanied Alexander, catchy man in civilian clothes of white trousers, a walking charisma, a former zamkomdivizii, all called "zageteshnik", it turned out — worker protection units of state secrets.
Everywhere in the bright and clear, and implicitly as mushrooms across the asphalt, torn outward signs of army life.
— Allow me to declare a menu? — Asks the cook.
Stupid, of course, but you have to answer: "Allow."
Here's shop "Topol". Where do without him? It would be surprising if it was not. Ok, that is not "Satan" — we have a rocket and with the title, though, according to the American systematization.
At the other poplar — pyramidal — flutters announcement: "I sell a set of military uniform, in the range, on the cheap." What is behind the ink scribbles? The long awaited dismissal in store? Loneliness military retiree?
Here plated urns in the officers' hotel, made some diy as Occupied rocket nozzle.
And everywhere — on all lanes and sidewalks — mothers with strollers. Toddlers and children of different ages — in sandboxes, rollerblading, skateboarding. A city of children. According to the head of the city neighborhood of the closed "Light" Alexander Lunev, the average age in the village — a bit over 30, and the birth rate in the third outnumber deaths. In the bright all is the need for an independent and prosperous existence: the music school, art, gym, swimming pool — you name it. More than half of the graduates of local schools come to the economical department of universities. But the important thing at the village of an independent budget, and urban development enterprise — Taman Division, which is due to nuclear events, the government is unlikely to ever deprive your attention. Here at least some newcomers immediately arises a slight feeling of the year as 1985. Local vsekrete from foreign proper names village island of socialism.
And one more thing. In the bright no cemetery. Indeed, well, what a cemetery in the village with such a title?

M and M

Or, here's some ofitserohulstvuyut: that the prestige of the army falls, look for the military does not want to marry anybody! Lie. Unmarried in Svetlyj not much. Some have come with the samovar. Other Acquires family on the spot. "After two years of college holostoval later failed — this beauty around!" — Or so much the answer to the question why the wedding most of the officers. And the local women have a saying: "Let for a beggar, but of Tatishcheva." They should know that almost all the leaders of the SRF through this division took place.
About the prestige of military service and that the prestige — a direct result of transparency, we start the discussion with Viktor Bielecki, a former officer, a local living legend. He has his own point of view at the problem:
— Openness? I agree. But this is if you have something to show. Here you have a big dick, and demonstrates it to everyone. And if small — only his wife and maybe his mistress.
Beletsky can believe. Officers they say about it this way: "He's in the army more than I live."
By the way, about spouses and maybe mistresses. Their spouses and, perhaps, fancy man. In "Tatishchev Division" we found no pot-bellied men. They are here to do, and it is immediately visible. It turned out that flat stomachs — it's not an accident but the result of the order of the Minister of Defence and the number 400.

Number 400-a

According to this document, adopted two years ago, the best officers of the Russian army, combat duty, every month to pay extra wages impressive increase. For example, in military Taman Missile Division, it comes to 70 thousand rubles. But in order to receive it, the officer is not required to have penalties and must perform a lot of different standards, including those for physical training. Every six months for them to arrange something like exams plus the so called surprise inspections.
So they run in the mornings, along with the men: fat burning, and at the same time the fighters are kept under control, so that instead of charging around the corner barracks they did not smoke.
— I'm for Fizeau with 2 hands — says the regimental commander Gennady Koblik, deeply inhaling cigarette. On the dresser in his circle: "If Colonel runs in peacetime, it causes laughter, if during the war — a panic." — But the commanders not enough time. Hard, if you got up at 5 o'clock, then run later. Here's my take. When I come into the service of the eight — it is a discharge day. Stop aside: to July 30.
In many of the officers of the Taman Division commanded by inertia themselves. Sign of the highest caliber either — profdeformatsiya?
But all is not rosy. On the one hand, the "President's Award" has caused a real Svetlyj consumer boom and really raised the standard of living of many families of officers. On the other — the order number 400 and carries the internal conflicts within themselves. Some receive, others not. Like it or not, the worm crawls envy. There are spouses are connected. Realize they can be: one spouse brings home 80 thousand and one — 20. All the more so that this addition — a very ephemeral thing. Imagine stuffed one fighter to another face and all — there is no prize at their commander. And because they wipe their snot personnel, even where not should.
— Faster would come in 2012, when all, as promised, will receive such allowances — a few plants Koblik. — And what does all this social tension, negatively affects the service. Squabbles, slanting eyes. First year was hard. We both came out of this situation? Turn off the recorder …

Tired of day

Evening. Fighters systems go for dinner. Sing all the same unforgettable "trigger, powder." Some marched silently silent or open their mouths.
— How do you deal with failures, for example, cleaning toilets? They say that the Koran forbids.
— Each fighter has their own matzah, — says Sergey Yesenin. — In 1-x, you need to have an idea about the subject to know even simple things: what is the sura, for example, or verses. I'm not saying the soldier: show me where it says that you can not point to clean. I talk to him about his religion. And when it turns out that his knowledge about Islam do not apply on the words "I am a Muslim," he concedes, usually. In this case, it refers not only to the Muslims.
Yesenin fished off the shelf Seventh-day or a book. Knows: — Led somehow 1st — he refuses to take the oath. I sat down and thought to — decided to invite their pastor from Saratov. That's surprisingly easy to agree. Soldier came and says: "My dear, I've served in the Russian Army, the sergeant went to demobilization. What is the problem you have? '"He
re in the oath reads:" I swear, "but we can not swear" — meets a fighter. "Say: I undertake. And about that on Saturday we were not allowed to work, it's me with the commanders of the Treaty. " In the end, the guy took the oath on combat duty he walks — he was sent to the logistics battalion.
Such stories each Tatishchev officer whole Talmud.
— I, too, was a Seventh-day Adventist, named Belonozhko — picks up the theme of Colonel Alex. — I got into the web — and found nothing about a ban on guns. Because he was so and said, "Imagine a family, children. In their attack, you have at hand gun. You vospolzueshsya them? "He thought for long. "Yes," — says. "Then go to the firing range, and learn". And then I realized that it is nothing special and learn: it seems banditstvoval it in the civilian world. So the machine assorted pohlesche all others, including Caucasians.

Including men!

Many a times heard from the commanders of other arms, if collected together three fighter from the North Caucasus — this is a gang.
In the Taman Division of no drama do not.
— Yes, they come with the plants — looks quite young major. — They have already explained to the homeland that they should and should not do in the army. But the organization of work can be experienced all zakosil off. We need to use their desire to serve: it happens because that means they get paid to get into the army. Their hands are often gold — is doing what the Russian can not.
— Well, that's when myself doing.
— When might be interested. You just need to fill them. And then the commander will close a recreation room, they do nothing — they are young, "Come here, soldier. Take a crowbar — to sweep. " Plus, such a procedure, as a disciplinary arrest, she began to work systematically, put on stream. The commanders already know how to draw up documents, the judge also adapted themselves. Give him ten days "lips" — he begins to think about. Since they are in the life does not count. And here he is running for commander requests to remove recovery, yelling, "I will point to wash."
— Yes, what is now "lip" — slightly nostalgic contradict Major older counterparts. — Previously, how was it? I decided to send you an evil intruder discipline in the brig — was quite disabling it, to declare seven days, write a note to the arrest and tell him, "Good-bye." In this case, before planting it collected all personal belongings. And in the chamber, not counting friends bugs, it was not expected. Went to bed — put a scarf over the face, so they are not eaten it for the night. And now? At first you need to collect a bunch of pieces of paper, take the case to the tribunal and Saratov there yet to prove that he is a rascal. And to him in the brig and a removable linen, and a mirror — please! All the comforts of what you want. Came a week nap — like being punished.
— We have, if the winter revoke all road sweeps — connects the third officer. He seems a little sad for Slavic market. — In the guard did not get. We have to walk 6 km to go to the waist in the snow. Topal, for example, with the Dagestani, he currently uncle — 24 years old, with a strong mind, healthy. And the crying and the mother of Russian in January, as the legs can not move. A frail Bashkirs or Slav — where it is taken! — No complains skochet ahead of you, and with a week in store goods drags or radio 17-kg. Character is shown not when the soldier thrust a weight or a pear pounding, and when real men includes.

Neustavschina some

— We have a car there — magic! Sami did — boasts a psychologist Yesenin. — It gives the indices of conflict and group cohesion, conflict couples, sociometric status, in other words, the hierarchy: who dominates who are hard to adapt. Look, the — the psychologist holds out some clever sheets. There, under the heading of "Mutually refute each other," for example, we find a pair of men: Anashbaev — Mirzaev. Surprisingly, judging by the names, should be attracted.
— Must, but should not — says Yesenin. — Look, Millstone and Makarov — too.
— A Mirzaev, I see, generally denies each second. Even Moses. What a rascal!
Each month, psychologists Division conducted surveys to identify the facts of hazing.
— Any questions open and indirect. Let's open: "Does your department hazing case?" Fighter notes column "No". But indirect, going after, "Where in the majority of cases are cases of bullying — in home room, in the dining room, in the bathroom?" Fighter encircles circle "Toilet". — Yesenin enough laughs split fighter.
— It looks like a "Stopped you drink brandy in the morning? '.
— That's right.
— Do you suffer from mental state of emergency order?
Scientist superstitiously knocks on the table, for some reason twice:
— No, thank God. We are PE-related absence without leave. Each case is individual. For example, a soldier came to the orphanage. He's out there running around every three months and then continues. He lives on those — the traveler. No one is thrashed, not humiliated, oil is not seeded.
This all commanders are unanimous: the requirements for the officer corps are increasing, and by the rank and file — no.
— Called me out of the district adjoining the village, "Take your own, it's here I sit," — says Koblik regiment commander. — Taking it, find out why run away. He says he longed for home. As a result, the commander gets a penalty — is not got a soul. A means deprived of allowances. It happens that the commanders are not right, I do not argue. But Committees of Soldiers' Mothers often at rovnenky place start. If the officer humiliated, not a fighter Doda norm — I myself will punish such, not many will not find it. Or bullying, when a senior call torturing the younger men — here, too, need to understand. A slap, yell somewhere … I smacked my father — nothing terrible has happened. Children in kindergarten fighting. Why is there a healthy man can not, if it is not shared?
Zamkomdiva on educational work of Colonel Nikolai Lichen cut one into the conversation immediately, while hearing the phrase "Committees of Soldiers' Mothers. At this point, it can not be called friendly face:
— Mother really just blackmail commanders. Although we do not do that just for them! At the swearing-movie show, meets a specific
commanders of their sons, and exchange phone numbers. And they are all still suggest panic. Although SRF — it raspberries, and not the army. The bullets did not whistle, the tanks do not need to fix. Sit on guard for yourselves, teach the British to the institution.
His irritation, he reinforces the story of fighter from Krasnodar, who was in a cold hospital — my mother became alarmed and decided that he was beaten, wrote a complaint to the military prosecutor's office.
— When it turned out, she apologized. But the paper-that has already gone to authorities. I had to write a bunch of different explanatory from scratch.

All as nervous after this tirade, including us. They rushed to light up. There is no best method to calm nerves than going through the mental test. Psychologist Sergei Yesenin testing us, like all the missile on its own miracle machine using the famous Luscher color test. After 5 minutes, the result is ready. There is a huge amount of complex formulations. Among them, the most clear: "the situation is unusual, unsettling" and "unmet sensuality."

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