Pets vampires

Our beautiful house flowers — this part of nature in our house, a room in which there are no plants will seem uncomfortable and non-residential. Unfortunately, few of us have a house with a garden and lawn, and so we often create their own mini-garden right in the apartment.
However, you should be aware that plants have their own power and greatly affect the people around them people. Both positively and negatively.

So choose plants for the home should be given the fact that their energy can be quite difficult for humans. You still do not understand why you ran away from another gentleman, you do not sleep, you are haunted by nightmares, and the money lost is expensive in your home? Who knows, maybe you have put your own hands by his head of a very powerful vampire, and he now enjoys the full swing of your bio-energy.

Many of these plants are known to us, at national signs. For example, the ivy popular rumor even gave a second name — muzhegon. Ostensibly his strong energy conflicts with the men in the house, and so they do not get along with him under the same roof. However, bio-energy, working with plants, noted that vines such as ivy, are basically just a powerful energy absorbers. And it can be used for good — you just have to give them unnecessary energy waste — any negative experience.

One of the most dangerous plants that are highly desirable to keep the house — it Monstera. Monstera — a very powerful vampire, able to drink at the same time the energy of all the inhabitants of the house. If the plant you already have, at least, do not keep it in the bedroom. Just ornamental pepper, a frequent guest on our window sill, it is considered an energy vampire. It is true because of the small size of its effect is not very noticeable, but be careful, if the house has small kids.

However. among plants and energy healers have. And above all, we should certainly talk about aloe. In addition to its recognized therapeutic properties, it has the ability to cleanse the aura home and protect it from penetration of negative energy!

On the ability of cacti to protect man and his house from the effects of radiation from computers, televisions and other equipment already a legend! As there is a sign that if you put a cactus on all the windows of your house, then they will protect it from burglars.

However, it is not clear divide the plants into positive and negative, in the matter all very individual. The same plant may have different contact with different people and very subtly interact with them at the level of energy. After all, noticed that one person certain colors can not get along well, and the other — to full flower in bloom with minimal care for them. When choosing a new flower room, listen to yourself. Maybe it's not your plant? You are sure to get a feeling for it. The man in a position to determine whether or it is a concrete plant.

But the most important piece of advice given bioenergetics, it will never hold home house plants dried, withered bouquets in vases and artificial flowers! They can be called real vampires!

Keep these simple tips, and then in your home will always be the right atmosphere!

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