Phantom of the stepfather.

In last Sunday at the police station Baldone (Latvia) received a call from a local resident, who admitted that 11 years ago he, while still a teenager killed his stepfather and now his ghost haunts of the late …

On the same day at the home of a young man, immediately after the call was directed by police. The man explained that 11 years ago killed his stepfather (born in 1970), after which his body was buried near his home.

Police inspected the place indicated the man, and soon found human remains.

What is known about the applicant? Life is a 25-year Peteris not easy to name, said the program "Crime +". Father of the family gave up and since then the homeless, mother periodically led to the house of the "new dad." One of them named Roman, whom she met in a psychiatric hospital, stayed longer. Peteris hated Roman. The family started a war for survival. Success was not on the side of the child: my mother was very fond of the new roommate, so let your child make fun of, say neighbors. Once Peteris remained with Roman one — a mother again went to a special hospital. What happened between them — are still unknown. But it ended up that Peteris killed his stepfather, and dug a deep hole in the yard and buried the corpse there.

Mothers who returned Peteris explained that the Roman met another woman and left. My mother died in 2004.

Peteris now decided to confess because he was tortured nightmares: every night stepfather came to him in a dream. The guy thought that repentance will help him.

About the most Peteris neighbors say only good things despite the "white card" guy all around helped, he lived quietly, moonlighting as a security guard.

As part of the criminal proceedings initiated scheduled examination, the suspect is placed in a detention center. The motives and circumstances of the offense specified. However, most of all, he is found insane.



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