Pictures with Lukashenko in Belarus Baggage smuggling

A student of the Academy of Arts in Poznan Celina Skshebchak decided to demonstrate their understanding of the situation in Belarus and painted about 10 portraits of Alexander Lukashenko.


For the first time the artist has shown the paintings in the academy at the end of the school year and an exhibition dedicated to students who are studying at the academy program Kalinowski. After the idea to show them in Belarus.

Paintings carried in Belarus smuggling. In including had brought about a dozen comic portraits of Lukashenko.

The girl said that in Poland know little about Situation in Belarus and little interest in it, but when the information comes to them about human rights and freedoms in Belarus, Poles sensitive to it.

She also showed this exhibition in Baranovichi. She did not have to legally show them in the gallery, so the paintings were exhibited in a private apartment, which was attended by over 300 people.

In Minsk, the exhibition will be up to 13 August. There are plans to show this exhibition in Vitebsk and Moscow. In Moscow, a youth organization "Defence".

The girl says it will continue to draw pictures about Belarus, however, she wants to get rid of portrait form and go to some other style.


Lukashenko, caricature

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