Pitfalls of high technology

In a story by Robert Sheckley, called "Something for nothing". It falls into the hands of some of the character of the car of the future — "recovery for Class A" — to fulfill any desire.

Russian daunshiftery consciously avoided all the best and have chosen an advanced civilization living in the forest

The hero starts out small, then enters into the taste, demands palaces, luxury cars, and finally immortality. However, the people of the future to catch up and explain that the class A — this is not a privileged social class, and the form of credit. And put a gigantic bill — pay! Here you pick, you will obtain the marble quarries, until cover up duty. The first thousand years of difficult, then get used to it … "Yes, I can not live so much!" Live, meet him, you get immortality. -But in the long run. — Says he, immortality is not standing. How are they counted me for immortality? "Not at all, with a smile answered him. So this is what we reward for nothing …

Pitfalls of high technology

And given the gift of anything the people of our time? Yes! It is a high technology, including the Internet. "That's nothing!" — The reader may exclaim.

— Scientists have created a talent and will to invest, health is not spared, and you say nothing? "
But I had something else in mind. Ordinary people, not a scientist, not genius, it really got the gift from the sky had fallen (the monetary value does not count). But it is good or bad? It would seem perfectly — there is so much problems at once from the shoulders down with! No need to learn to multiply and divide column area — what is it when there is a calculator? No need to write a letter — there is Skype and mobile phones. Of course, all this is very convenient. But does that make the modern man are smart, advanced, does his creator in the broad sense of the word? Quite the contrary.

We are surrounded by very clever machine, but not many of us can understand what is happening in their depths. Machines replace us all, turning off our own mind as useless. Then remember the character of another story, caught in the past and confident of his superior position over these primitive people. And when the "primitive" asking him to share the fruits of progress, it can not even explain what's inside your engine. In this progress it just consumed. Do not look at this character and many of us?

"Send me a dollar!"

We are so accustomed to high technology seems to us — it was always (though, of course, know that this is not the case.) But they appeared only in the last decade, and not gradually, but almost immediately, jerk, jump like a gift from heaven. And maybe, just dozens of people in a dozen labs really know how it works and where it came from. Now, if some aliens (masked the same scientists, for example) want to enslave humanity, they could not find a better way. In fact, what all there laser and atomic wars and other costly effects, which also may go by the side? Give mankind high technology with their stultifying effect and do with it what you want, threatening, for example, take that candy from the big kids …

And you can not get any. Zombie action mass media is well known. In the last century, before the high-tech, with a standard one American newspaper conducted this experiment. He printed announcement: "Send me a dollar." Just like that. without explaining why. A week later, one more thing: "Why do you still have not sent me a dollar?" And a week later — the third: "Today, you can still send me a dollar. Tomorrow will be too late! "And what do you think? It filled up the dollar, and after each ad sum grew at times!

We must pay tribute to an American this was an honest man, and gave the money to charity. But his experiment clearly demonstrates the force of impact on people even simple newspaper ads. And the Internet? The team, gentlemen aliens! Zombie-humans in your power. Atrophied brains, nothing to learn, everywhere laziness and lack of curiosity. That's the joy of strangers or completely terrestrial technocratic manipulators can end our world. No explosion, and a sob.

Edison against Einstein

But Einstein, probably from that point of view would not agree. Edison once complained to him that he could not find new employees — none of them fit.

— I made a list of questions — Edison said — but to answer all nobody can.

Einstein then asked me to show him the list. "What is the distance from Chicago to New York?" Einstein said that you can find out in the railway book. "From what make stainless steel?" And this, Einstein said, is in the handbook steel. And skim through the rest of the questions, he sighed and returned the list of Edison:

— No, I, too, am not fit your employees …

But it was a matter of Einstein, the great scientist, which had a good reason not to bother with unneeded information, making room for the necessary. A modern zombie slaves of computers and smartphones — which leaves room for them? For electronic entertainment? Or "fun" someone completely different? The one who gave the people and "something for nothing"? Oh, would not have been this is not a privilege, but a form of loan …


To be fair, and more. People who understand the danger vysokotehnologizirovanno the third world, a lot. For example, so-called daunshiftery (from English downshifting — «shift down"). These are people successful, even succeeded, voluntarily refusing career and all the creature comforts, to choose life in the open air or some islands, where not only the Internet, but TV is not there.

Western daunshiftery

Somehow, with daunshifterami being actively controlled. Imposed on the rest of society the idea that daunshiftery — banal losers. They are charged with an escape from life, trying to evade responsibility. Their unison spread rot in the media. On the other side of the fence are the militant apshiftery — those who follow the path of which is diametrically opposed to that which adhere daunshiftery. They are always and without stopping after the best. Their slogans, such as "labor. Earn. Improved "are not intended to live in the present and be happy with what you have. Perhaps it can be blamed for the global economic collapse.

Their ideology — to achieve wealth at all costs, to make money out of everything. However, no matter what, nobody accuses antisocial behavior. Perhaps, such a position is comfortable apshiferov government? It is much easier to manage a group of people, always fearful, dissatisfaction with their lives, mindlessly pressing forward? Do not daushifterah — and the like — is hidden timid hope of mankind? So these people are not aliens … pokomanduyut

Andrey Bystrov
"Secrets of the Twentieth Century" in 2012

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