Planet on the eve of a series of catastrophic situations

OV treatment Martynov on December 6, 2010

For all 9 channels of our system was the signal level of the electric fields of the deep imbalance in the system structure of the planet. Comparing these data with those of 2009, and received a confirmation from the Italian specialists, we believe that the planet is on the eve of a series of disastrous situations.

These SHGM-2 for 05.12.2010 (time GMT +1)

These SHGM-2 for 05.12.2010 (time GMT +1)

More detail, indicating the origin and content of the event we will inform tomorrow at the end of the day.

Prof. Martynov OV

Supplement: above signal is shown in the graph of SHGM-2. In the graphs SHGM-3-4 SHGM it meets zashkalivaniyu SHGM red channel-3 and onoznachen as LF.

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