Plans to create drones BASED manned helicopter with «Berkut»

Plans to create drones BASED manned helicopter with

Moscow. February 14. Airports — LLC «Berkut» plans to do in the future on the basis of a light helicopter «Berkut» drone, said «AviaPort» said CEO Alilov ARSLANOV.

According to him, at the present time, when the manned version of «Berkut» preparing for the first flight, the company conducted study unmanned helicopter until you get your own new notation. Unmanned helicopter worked with virtually no configuration aerodynamic scheme piloted machine.

To start funding forthcoming study unmanned helicopter to rear up in the air variant of the helicopter piloted by «Berkut». In fact, soon after which you can wait for financing development projects and unmanned. Investrom conducted research and discussions with several potential buyers from some countries showed demand for both manned version of «Berkut» and its unmanned modification, said CEO.

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