Poland fears missiles

Poland fears missiles
Russian Security Council and Poland held a consultation on the creation of the European missile defense
Moscow again asked Warsaw loaf about the need for accommodation in Poland component of European missile defense system.

Difficulties creation of European missile defense system and other issues of security cooperation discussed yesterday in Moscow Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev and his Polish Officer — Managing the Public Security Bureau of Poland Stanislaw Koziej.

— Frankly, between the two countries have a number of outstanding issues. Namely, we are seriously worried about U.S. plans for a missile defense system in Europe, including in the areas of our neighbor — Poland — Nikolai Patrushev said at a meeting with Stanislav goat. — I hope that the Polish partners with the knowledge will be taken to our reasonable and will assist in the provision of guarantees is not directed against Russia hosted in Europe missile system.

It is expected that further discussion on this dilemma will be held in May at the Defense Ministry conference on European security. Role it has already confirmed including the defense minister of Poland. I saw Russian Security Council Secretary, specifically there are reasons given each of the parties and can come to a common denominator.

— At least, need to continue the dialogue and to bring the concerns of each party to the partners — said Patrushev.

It is not clear if it will work hand in May to convince each other.

But as the head of the Public Security Bureau Stanislav Kozey, Poland considers fundamental to deploy on its territory elements of NATO missile defense also wants to make national defense.

— We tried to realize true concern Russian side associated with these issues. But we also want to bring their confirmation, saying that missile defense is a significant component of the security — allocated Kozey.

Moreover, he said, Poland is planning to expand its missile defense system and equip the armed forces of the Polish missile technology. It turns out that at this point in the Polish army, unlike the majority of NATO countries, missile technology is not. It would seem — and never need. Indeed, many nations are not indigenous missile weapons and that they will not get any other countries manage without its missile defense system. Poland but here for some reason decided that her defense necessarily required and necessary for protection from potential Iranian or North Korean missile threat. True, many experts believe these dangers fabulous. In Moscow there are all grounds to believe that a NATO missile defense system is aimed first against Russia.

At the same time, Nikolai Patrushev yesterday again stressed that the main objective is to strengthen trust between Russia and Poland, increase the efficiency of our bilateral cooperation on intelligence agencies band, also search for mutually acceptable solutions to ensure stability at all levels.

Ivan Egorov

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