Poland. Ghost town Klomino

Klomino — the only ghost town in Poland. Is a partially destroyed a military town, abandoned by the Soviet army in the withdrawal of large military-territorial formation of the Armed Forces of the USSR in 1992. Since 1993 — under the control of the Polish administration, the official status of the village does not have. Prior to 1992, at the military camp could simultaneously accommodate more than 6,000 people.

In the thirties of the XX century in the place near the present Klomino, are located in Germany, was created by a tank training ground, and from its northern and southern edges of military garrisons were built, respectively, Gross-Born (now — Borne Sulinowo) and Vestvalenhof. With the start of the war near Vestvalenhofa organized a camp for Polish prisoners of war. In November 1939, the camp had been placed about 6,000 Polish soldiers and 2,300 civilians. June 1, 1940 in its place was created "Oflag» II D Gross-Born (German Oflag II D Gross-Born) — a camp for captured officers of allied armies. In 1945, the retreating German troops left the camp, evacuating part of the war deep into Germany.

In place of the Wehrmacht came to the Soviet troops, who organized the camp here for captured German soldiers. After the war, landfill and former German garrisons were used by the Soviet army to put their troops in Poland. On-site Vestvalenhofa was built Soviet military town, which is located in a separate motorized infantry regiment in the division, the headquarters of which is located in the Borne Sulinowo. Was used in the construction of infrastructure and buildings preserved, but most of the buildings (about 50) was disassembled. Were built barracks, garages for military equipment, farm building, residential buildings and shops, a school and a cinema. On Soviet military maps place was celebrated as Grudek or Grodekov, but among the inhabitants of the town was also known as Sypnevo, under the name of the Polish village nearby. The landfill and its surrounding garrisons were kept secret, so the Polish maps were not shown.

Soviet garrison lasted until 1992, until the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Poland, after which the place was deserted, and the houses and buildings partially ransacked by looters. The Polish authorities Borne Sulinowo (received in 1993, the status of the city) exposed area of the former military town for sale for about $ 2 million zlotys, but the interest of the investors Klomino not caused. Currently, the town is completely abandoned.


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