Polygon 1-5 series watch online

Polygon 1-5 series watch online
In the program "Ground"Will not tarpaulin boots and combat training. But is all what every real man dreams from early youth — lots of guns and harsh military equipment.
Russian army now — is not only automatic Kalashnikov and Sukhoi. Innovative development of the military-industrial complex open virtually limitless capacity. But civilian persons about their lot is not very clear. To fill this gap, the leading TV channel "Our homeland 2"? Ivan Lebedev, Dmitry Zadorozhnyj sent to the real military training grounds.

1 issue: C400 Triumph, Military boots, Night Hunters, a knife

2 issue: Stealth Tank, Krivostvolnoe gun, SWAT Germany

Issue 3: Non-lethal weapon, rifle Labaeva, unmanned helicopters, underwater saboteurs

Issue 4: Underwater automatic, Stealth ships, radar Bars, air defense system

5 issue: Rise of the Machines, Grenade, acoustic instrument, sanctuary of Military Medicine

Weapon, weapons,Army

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