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Alexander Lukashenko said yesterday that Russia could soon give Belarus a financial loan of $ 6 billion — in the form of the loan and for the future sale of Belarusian goods. Some of that money, the head of the country would go to support the Belarusian ruble, which for two weeks has depreciated by 50%, and on the black market — more than twice. But what is real price to be paid for such support?
Alexander Lukashenko did not tell her, than have to pay for your generosity. Moscow same sources clarified: Russia wants to acquire a controlling interest, or even the whole "Beltransgaz".
But this, as analysts believe, the case may not be over. Candidate of Economic Sciences Goncharik recalls that not so long ago, the head of the Russian Embassy in Belarus Alexander Surikov offered to return to the "frozen" rescue scenario Belarusian economy — the introduction of the Russian ruble:

"This is another step to ensure that Moscow is trying to achieve certain goals in economic terms. Maybe in the most advantageous and profitable companies — as is the case with the" Beltransgaz ", or MAZ. But the main issue, in my opinion — it's all as the introduction of the Russian ruble. About what, by the way, not so long ago spoke openly Russian Ambassador Surikov. "
Reporter: "So, try to negotiate the maximum out of the situation?"
"Not washing, the katannem, as the saying goes. In any case, frankly, is the pressure, and the pressure being quite categorically.

the most important issue, in my opinion — is still the introduction of the Russian ruble

Too bad that in the end it affects all of us. But such an option to put a hand itself the leadership of Belarus. All have long said the devaluation of the need, you need to review all of the costs, but they only pay lip allegedly doing something. And in fact, all looking for something — the weapons, the discipline violators. In a word, is not it, what you need in economic terms, it is a fact. "
What caused the sudden change of mood in the Kremlin? May 11 Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Kudrin said that Belarus could receive part of the funds from the EurAsEC anti-crisis fund, but the possibility of a loan from Russia is not considered. Kudrin then advised the Belarusian leadership to ask for money to the IMF or to individual countries, but the main thing — to privatize.
While experts are looking for an explanation of the new turn in the Belarusian-Russian relations, the fact is that the average salary of Belarusians are not $ 500.
Anti-crisis counselor Mieczyslaw Burak foreseen this situation because of the mid-1990s, the country has not carried out any structural reforms:
"Such small matters as unearned money, no one should be interested. So what? Let it be as it wants. Salary will be such as he and need to be. Afraid — yes, as a populist, and to see what all baseless promises finally brought. His position — a position of militant populism. And hence need to make many conclusions. "
Reporter: "But somehow it is necessary to correct the situation?"
"These measures should the government do, and Lukashenko, those who are above us. When I'm in their place, will speak. But from the perspective of a consultant can tell you that all these measures have long prescribed. Need to deal with the economy, we must engage in privatization. To Business engaged in business that management engaged in the management, and not the fact that Lukashenko fish

Need to deal with the economy, we must engage in privatization

trades. Do not understand the simplest things? Now we must do the same, as I said back 15-20 years ago, there is nothing more to add here. "
Many experts agree that the leadership of Belarus, declaring the successful agreement on the receipt of a multibillion-dollar credit, wants to give the intent behind reality.


Russian credit crisis

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