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Since last September, I suddenly began to visit the thought of Jesus — the savior of people and biblical Christian God. It was strange to me. I never really was interested in religions, details are not familiar with the biblical writings, did not attend religious services a few times out of curiosity or with excursions went to Christian churches, but awe and excitement of visiting experienced. I have never been able to read up to the end of the Gospel, as they were written confusing, vaguely allegorical language. And the Old Testament I felt disgusting. Something black, terrible and inhuman read in this work. From the Bible and the world breathed graveyard dead. So I do not touch the biblical works and never returned to the subject. Especially, it was very surprising that these ideas were clearly not mine. Thoughts or correct information about Jesus continued to visit me regardless of my desire and will. I started writing fragments and put them in a logical order. Have something like the appeal of Jesus.

A little later, I received from my cosmic teachers said that I did accidentally caught ethereal information about Jesus. He is now in the other world. In the last years of his life on earth Jesus wrote an autobiographical book about his life in three languages. The book passed through intermediaries in the Library of Alexandria. And then she made the difficult path and landed in Russia. This library is alive, well hidden and guarded to good times. However, Jesus, being in the form of energy, I decided to further in the summary sent by the divine Teacher your life story. In the hope that someone from the Earth's people will be able to catch this mental information and publish it. I has managed to do it. This summary is presented below. I ask readers not to judge me harshly. Mental information is difficult to catch, and even harder to process this information and explain in words. But what happened is what you get!

I, Jesus of Nazareth, was born 2 years before the fall of a new era in the West. I was born with one purpose: to guide the right way deceived the Jewish people. My mother, Mary, was a simple woman, and she remained until the last days of his life. His father Joseph was a carpenter and also a small area of the city prefect Nazareth, where our family lived. He died very early. I was the oldest child in the family. Besides my family had four children — three boys and a girl. I had to make in his life is one important step that requires me high voltage, will, courage and patience.

I was born in a guest house of a small settlement. One day my parents went to Bethlehem on a Jewish holiday. In a way my mother happened unexpectedly premature labor pains. Deliveries accepted due to the guest house a female midwife. I was really conceived extraordinary way. To perform my job I needed a strong body and big brains. Among the Jews of the time did not have the proper genetic material, allowing to have a strong and at the same time intelligent and highly spiritual child. It took the intervention of higher divine forces. Conception of Mary was by entering into the womb of the microcapsules with the male seed, taken from a person living in one of the planets in our galaxy. It is home to a highly developed and highly spiritual people. Neither Mary nor Joseph about it knew nothing. Microcapsule was taken to Nazareth energy mind-spirits, which had a final operation.

Since childhood, I became interested in things to which our children are usually not interested. As a youth, I studied all the disciplines that existed in Judea. Especially I liked the discipline, considering the divine order of the world, the history of the Jews and neighboring nations. I have had many teachers, but for me the main teachers were Slavic Magi: Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar (from the author, the Magi from Lithuania). They appeared in the family suddenly, when I was still an infant. Magi struck my parents their grandeur, nobility, spirituality and knowledge. They settled here and became members of the family. Thanks to them, managed to save my life from Roman cannibals. They taught me a lot. Before my escape from the Jews, they said goodbye to us, suddenly and simultaneously passed away. Their bodies were buried with great honors.

For further studies, I began to attend various esoteric schools and libraries. I knew several languages, which gave me the opportunity to talk with teachers of different nationalities and read many books without interpreters. I was admitted to the hall on the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. There were wonderful old books. With some I was able to meet. I learned the history of the ancient world, the danger to me, and that I can expect in the future.

I accomplished the very distant and difficult journey to India. In the foothills of the Himalayas was an amazing spiritual school that combines the knowledge of ancient India, and the Aryan people. A few months in India, gave me a lot. I learned about the many laws of the Cosmos and the ways of human evolution. Was also introduced to the amazing abilities of highly spiritual person.

At age 25 there was a case to me that changed my life. In my country, I met three strange men. They asked me — I'm not Jesus of Nazareth. I said that — yes. They told me who I really am, what was incarnated on Earth and what problems in life are ahead of me. They said goodbye and left, and I stood there shocked and puzzled.

Two years later, I was approached by a man who introduced himself as John. A conversation between us, which was a continuation of the content of the meeting with three strange men. This person had a task to collect and combine into one team 15 people — members of the same program. And I have to be the leader of this team. After a while he brought us together in a country town. An acquaintance. Among us was a woman by the name of great beauty Numto (from the author, in the Bible, this character goes by the name of Mary Magdalene, there is doubt in the correct pronunciation and spelling of the name). Over time, it became my closest assistant and wife.
Over the next three years, we have organized a spiritual school for everyone of different nationalities, who were looking for the truth and gave up Judaism. I was the main speaker and preacher, talking about what I knew to the years of the world order, the laws of the cosmos, and the tasks in this world. The school is gradually gaining prominence. She first began to visit dozens, then hundreds, then a thousand people. Our school became prominent in the Middle East among the various religious and spiritual. Our school has become so famous that it interested in the Jewish religion. Black Religion Judaism was the ideological foundation of the Jews, which control the administration of the country. First, the priests began to come to the meeting and listen to our speeches. And then began to enter into the controversy and get its way. I knew what to expect great danger and this danger comes from the Levites — dark structures of governance and religion.

Finally, for me, a defining moment. I had to take my body divine spirit high frequencies. It happened in a secluded spot of Judea. I went into the water of a small lake next to me was John. Within 10 minutes I felt strong pressure and vibration in the body, to lose consciousness. Me out of the water unconscious endured at the hands of my friends. Since then I have started a new life. It was subordinated to the will of the spirit that is in my body. Spirit in me began to actively meet with our students. At the beginning of the meeting sounded emotional and magnificent speech, smart, slim built, effectively to the common man. And then some questions and answers. The people said — I am not a god who visited Judea, to make the Jewish people elected.

The number of students grew rapidly. It was getting close. Therefore, the meeting was to transfer to other places, where there was more space. The benefit of these meetings was huge. Tens of thousands of listeners were strongly influenced by the thoughts, speeches and recommendations, which broadcasts the spirit through me. Religious people began to move away from the mass of Judaism. The Jewish religion staggered. Levites declared anxiety. Judah was dependent country — a colony of the Roman Empire, and all the important issues, including relations with religion, to address local power of the Romans, led by the governor.

Levites managed to convince the authorities to the danger of our spiritual school for the Jews and the Roman Empire. Began a crackdown on us, challenges and interrogations. At the beginning of this process, neither the governor nor his staff did not see the sedition. But after a big meeting, which took place on the slope of a hill, which was delivered by a long and highly spiritual speech (from the author of the famous Sermon on the Mount), which, as it turned out, was the last of my spirit. The next day I was arrested at my house the Roman guards. I was taken to a Roman prison in Jerusalem. I did not try to interrogate rapidly in a court, which did not give me the word, the accusation was false — the undermining of the Roman Empire, the sentence — the death penalty.

On Friday, before the Jewish holiday of my crucified on a wooden cross. This kind of punishment was the most popular in the Roman Empire. I was taken to a small hill on the outskirts of Jerusalem, where there is usually executed criminals. At the top of the hill were installed three crosses of logs, one of them was for me. I was to be put to death, along with two criminals — killers. To me they put a crown of thorns, a symbol signifying a crime against the Roman Empire, and pushed to the cross. I got on board, docked at the bottom of the cross, my wrists and feet were bound with rope chest. I hung on the cross, and stood motionless in the sun. A person in this state died a painful death within one or two days. If a person is bound to a cross, lived to three days, the guards killed him with a spear.

By evening, my condition worsened, I have endured great suffering. My students and assistants watched by me. Come close to the criminals crucified on the cross, was prohibited. My crucifixion was planned. My activities sooner or later had to be interrupted in this way. This was a very dangerous activity, but it was necessary for the spirit in my body.

As soon as it was getting dark, three of my assistant from the team reach the heart of the guard and asked him for a few gold coins to allow them to drink my water. The guard allowed. I have not watered with water and a solution of different herbs that are put to sleep and anesthetic man his body. Night fell, I lost consciousness, his head tipped over on its side. My friends convinced the guard that I was dead. Two criminals crucified next to me had died and they were removed. Guards wanted to speed up the process of execution, because the next day celebration to be held as quickly as possible and they wanted to go home. Senior guard to make sure that my death, came up to me and poked me in the side with a spear. The body does not respond, only a trickle of blood began to ooze from the wound. I felt nothing. At this point, the divine spirit in my body stopped for a few seconds my heart. This allowed him to get out of my body and the rise in the death-worlds, where he carried out important for the people living in the Mediterranean region, a mission.

The guard gave the signal. I was removed from the cross and carried away on a stretcher. My students and residents of the surrounding areas have seen me as deceased. In their presence, it was like parting the people with me, I swaddle in cloth and placed in a cave. The cave was closed down a large stone. At night went to the cave of my friends, have removed the stone and took me away. By the time I came to. Shallow wound was treated and bandaged. Then I carried on the hands of the home of a terrified my family.

I quickly got to his feet. On Monday I had a meeting with my assistants from the team and selected students. All we had about forty people. I told them the whole story, happened to me. According to the plan, I had to go to a secluded place, where I would have continued their activities. It was supposed to create separate groups that would have covered a broad segment of the population in the Middle East. Someone suggested to me to create the role of the hero-martyr, risen from the dead. It would be to raise the profile of our movement. I was against it. But most of the audience liked it. This was the fatal mistake of our school. News of my resurrection quickly spread throughout Judea. I began to see the strangers. And I had to hide from friends. And for good reason. The priests, the Levites, and the Romans were looking for me. But the unforeseen happened. My mother, wife and children were subjected to persecution. According to the laws of the synod, people harboring a criminal, themselves become criminals. Above them was a serious threat. Three agonizing days until I was looking for, have led us to the decision that my family and I have to leave the country temporarily. Other option was not there. We quickly packed up and at night, accompanied by my friends left town. We were supposed to be living in Lebanon in a secluded place in the home of one of our followers. But again, the unexpected happened. Along the way we learned strangers. The next day the news hit the Roman governor. The hour was organized chase. And we had to change our plans. We went out to the sea. I gave final instructions to his assistants. Me and my family transported by boat to one of the islands in the Mediterranean, where we were a few days. There ripe final plan for our future — a tragic background. I have to leave with his family forever. Was no other way. Mother, wife and children to live, do not fear for their lives, but without me. And I had to leave the Roman Empire and go as far away from its borders.

We were transported from one island to another. Finally, the hour of parting. It was a tragedy — to say goodbye to their loved ones loved ones forever in his prime. They were put on a ship and they sailed toward Spain, where they lived in the town of Montserrat and was buried there in the local cemetery after years. I was destined for a different fate. My ultimate goal was to North India. I was taken by the ship to the other side and landed in Byzantium. Then I walked for months through Urartu, Persia and Pakistan (the modern name — author's note). In India, I once visited a Hindu-Aryan spiritual school. For myself, I have learned some new laws for themselves and phenomena. And then I went to the mountains, where he organized his spiritual school. I have had students, I handed them their knowledge and experience. I died at 95 year of age, and was buried in a stone tomb.

Tomb of Jesus in northern India, the city of Srinagar. Photo:

Such is a brief statement of my earthly story. What can be said in conclusion:
— I am not a god, and never have been. It's all nonsense of the Levites;
— I have not done before the end of its scheduled program, losing to the Levites, and of the structures that govern the Levites;
— I did not create religion, I confessed a cosmic laws.

Pope John Paul II with the ugly crucifixion. Photo:

When I was introduced to the works of biblical Christianity and religion, I was horrified! Everything in them is perverted to the ground. Most of my alleged sayings I never said. Many of the events identified in the Bible, does not occur or has occurred in other forms and in other places. I was particularly shocked the following: I have taught people baptized — it was not, that believers should accomplishes different ceremonies — to drink my blood and eat my body. These ceremonies have come from a black Atlantis and they are aimed at people across the ideological enslavement of subservience and fear and worship God. So people are very easy to operate, to deceive and to keep in ignorance.

And now I want to appeal to people. Do not you see that you are deceiving religion? Or do you like to be deceived, and participate in various temple rituals? After all, a deep belief in religious dogma throws you far back in his development. You are simply wasting your life on a false occupation.

What did you do to me? You worship me as a god or son of god, worship the crucified Christ, the dead Christ! And bind themselves to the dark world of retribution, which brings together the souls of the dead to re-education. Though some of you understand what you are doing, visiting temples and performing rituals? I look forward to attack the new times, when all religions will be destroyed. And I can become again the man in the new world!


Its history goes back to ancient times to Atlantis. Young country with low culture and spirituality. Important role in the life of the people, like other peoples of the ancient world, played a teacher, the wise, the guardians of culture and tradition — the priests. Among them, the evolution took place and Jesus (of course with a different name). When most of the priests, led by Adam and Eve entered into an alliance with the black negative extraterrestrial civilization from the constellation Draco, a small group of priests came out of the submission. This group of 120 people identified themselves as white priests and a group of White Brotherhood.

For years after the team was ousted from the islands of Atlantis and settled on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, which is now called Madeira. Previously, this island was called Sham Bala or translated from the Atlantean language — White Mountain. On this island, the group of priests and through their evolution. Among them, he lived and worked priest who went down in history as Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ.

About 2100 years ago in the Middle East was a serious and grave danger threatening the whole of human civilization. The danger came from Judah. The project created a black Atlanto-Egyptian priest Moses, threatened to turn into a big disaster until the destruction of the Earth's human civilization. The higher powers of the Cosmos in the dark period of the evolution of the Earth did not have the right to intervene directly in the situation on the planet. Change the situation could only be the people themselves, albeit with some support higher cosmos. Volunteered to change the situation on Earth two groups of teachers — Slavic magi and Atlantic white priests. Held a kind of a contest. Preference was given to the priests. Slavic Magi presented the plan protect only the Slavic peoples, and the priests put forth a program of re-Jewish people, which, if successful, could protect all earthly nations. Eloquence and persuasiveness of the priests played a role. What came out of it — we know. Lost on all counts … and the Levites, and black priests. Especially heavy blow was the Slavs. Russia suffered the most. The number of victims of the introduction of Christianity in the Slavic countries over the centuries compared with the number who died in the Second World War! This is more than a crime! You can imagine what happens to Christianity when it comes a new time.

In the meantime, people walking in the Christian churches, knocking his forehead against the stone floor, kissing icons — examples of naive art, praying Mother of God — an illiterate mother of Jesus ended his earthly life of a servant, and the images of the dead Christ on the cross, saying, "Our true God Jesus Christ ". And the "true God", which is not worth a finger on the hand magician highest level in isolation, where it is re-education and suffers from the effects of which he and his students unwittingly laid his ill-considered actions. And the cry of his soul, "What you did to me and that you are doing to me!" — Refers not only to the Levites and their teachers — black priests — the creators of Christianity, but also to all people who call themselves believers. Blind faith in God, which no one understands and knows, causing irreparable harm to the faithful to such a person.

AV Denisov

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