Praise, Svarga, Slavs

Praise— Nav light, the lower the level of heavenly divine, home to the spirits of our ancestors. Praise is the world of the gods, and where we and our ancestors tried to get,
subconsciously remembering that rusichi — children bogov.Otsyuda Orthodoxy, ancient Russian concept, has tens of thousands of years and has its roots in ancient Vedic Russian national religion, which described a world order with the concepts of "Reality" (the material world), "Nav" ( world prototype), "right" (the world forms) and "Glory" (the creative world) — (four-level structure of world order) — while the Russian people have praised the "rules" were in the Truth and called — Orthodox.

Accordingly, Orthodoxy in the Old Slavonic language means a magic act, perfection forming mir.A's Dark Nav — home of demonic creatures that feed on the negative energy released during Reveal beings suffering and sinful substance.

Svarga— Swa (Heaven), Pa (Radiance), Ga (path) — Shining Heavenly Way. Means the union of heavenly land where live the Great Race

Twenty-seven thousand times above the ground will spread the star sky —
And the earth will complete the constellation of a vicious circle,
And the lord of the celestial axis Perun slowly take out
Of the North Star, the wheels are not dropping out of the hands …

Svarga — starry sky that moves forever
The wheel, which rotates and dispenses laws of the universe,
Where a great life, endlessly repeated in us
And is born again, and immortal, corruption runs!

Slavs— praising God and ancestors. "And we went, and were not freeloaders, and were Slavs — Russ, who sing the glory of the gods, and therefore — the essence of the Slavs." The Book of Veles.
Slav— Slavs "Yang" and "Yin" — male and female. Glorifying bright world of law. Ie is not a nationality, but rather religion. "We glorify God and His never nothing to ask — we are the Slavs"
Slavic faith is inextricably linked with the traditions and way of life of our people. Slavs lived in harmony with each other, respect for elders, younger nurtured, cared for sick people that worked together, that is, as has long been assumed in Russia — were in the rules, according to Justice that by godly.

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