Let's take a break from the madness of things happening in the world and visit, even if only in the pages of a surprising place: Prambanan.
Prambanan — such an unusual name is the world's largest Buddhist monument. It is composed of several temples. And not only Buddhist but also Hindu. This building could be seen from afar. True, at first, it seems that this is only the mountains that rise above the island of Java. But in reality, this beautiful architectural masterpiece created by the hands of men.

The reason for the construction of the temple complex was the victory of the Hindu king of the Buddhist king, which occurred in the mid-9th century. Over time, some buildings collapsed, and the stones have acquired a dark color. For a long time about Prambanan generally no one thought so gorgeous temples are overgrown with grass. However, it gave a magnificent shrine of mystery and mystique.

Prambanan is a central part of Loro Dzhongrang. This three majestic temple that rise above the surface of the earth by 47 meters. Each of them is dedicated to the great god (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva yet). Around them focused shrines smaller. They, in turn, built in honor of the sacred animals, servants of Hindu deities. Today, this elegant temple complex, as well as its close neighbor (Borobudur) is very popular among lovers of travel. In addition, he is listed as UNESCO and is guarded.



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