Apocalypse 2012. End of the world WILL NOT!

This transfer of Anton Evseeva, released back in 2011, is dedicated to the Mayan calendar and date 21.12.12 . Personally, I liked this release incredibly, because it explains in great detail exactly what is written in the Mayan calendar, as well as why doomsday will not come, not only December 21, 2012 , but it is not at all! According to the Maya, after 21 December, all will only get better.
HIGHLY recommended for viewing.
Many thanks to Yuri for the link to the material

The program of scientific observer holding "of PRAVDA.Ru 'Anton Evseeva will discuss predicted by ancient Mayan Indians of the Apocalypse in 2012. As the Mayan calendar has been arranged? What is behind his predictions and whether they believe in? What is the baktun? I believed in, and who prayed that presaged the oldest of civilizations?

Watch Apocalypse 2012


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