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Over the last twenty years it has become fashionable in Russia early development. "Advanced" moms and dads learn techniques Doman, Montessori, Zaitseva — in order to have their miracle child as much as possible before beginning to read, count, to play the violin and conquer the peaks of sports. Needless to say, the prospects are attractive. But so popular today early in development, there are some pitfalls.

The biggest mistake that often allows ardent enthusiasts of early development — it is a substitution of notions of "development" and "training." All forces are spent on intense stimulation of intelligence. The development of the physical, creativity, emotional world moves away, at least on the back burner. In this situation development really going on — but it is literally one-sided as developing only the left hemisphere is responsible for logic and analytical thinking. But, in addition to numerous early-development, there are laws of nature by which grows a little man. And by nature in the preschool years should be more active is the right brain — the intuitive, imaginative, emotional and sensual. This explains why small baby easier and more natural to perceive the world through the senses, emotions and fantasies.

Does all this mean that the preschooler in general can not teach any intellectual skills? (By the way, Waldorf teachers that way and believe, but we think this is the other extreme). Of course, our children are living in times of high technology, they are keenly interested in everything that is going on around them, and are entitled to receive from their parents the information they need.

Here are the four pillars on which to build an early development:

  1. No — Violence! Under no circumstances should a child be engaged in developmental activities, if he is at the moment it does not feel like it.
  2. Early development — Not an end in itself! Your sense of "learning" — the process and not as a result.
  3. Seek and ye shall find! There is no early development in general. That is what the boy next door, or your girlfriend's daughter, it is likely not suit your treasure. For example, psychologists believe that the same cubes Zaitseva more suitable for left-handers, which are easier to perceive the entire word or warehouse, and analytical skills — their Achilles' heel.
  4. Intelligent development In no case should not replace the creative. Doing mathematics, do not put the task in the first place to teach a child count. For kids need a different math. If you decide to do musical developmentyour child, do not rush immediately to his seat at the piano and taught to read music. Music should be the first native and familiar environment in which a person is comfortable and quiet.

At some point, of course, it will be time to learn to read crumbs. Meet the modern methods of teaching reading and choose what's right for your daze. Who knows, perhaps in front of you — future linguist?

But most importantly — creativity. It is developing a game, live chat and an example of parents who themselves create beauty around, coming up with new fun and live in a creative search.

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