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November 6, 2012 in the U.S. presidential elections. The American people have to choose between two candidates — incumbent, Democrat Obama, and Mitt Romney — the Republican nominee. On the side of the latter — a respectable appearance billion bank account, the reputation of a successful businessman, and crisis manager.

Exemplary family man, father of five sons. Mr. Perfection. But it was he who declared our country's geopolitical enemy of the U.S. number 1. So Russia Romney victory is not at hand. However, it is rapidly gaining popularity. Its only drawback (which we hope and remains) — Religion: Mitt — Mormon. But what does it mean?

A Study in Scarlet

Frankly, the Mormons we know very, very little. And it is largely thanks to Arthur Conan Doyle and his "A Study in Scarlet." Probably read! And remember Jefferson Hope, mstivshego Mormons for the death of his bride — Lucy Ferrier? And John Ferrier, who was forced to live among the followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and to their faith in exchange for his life? Perhaps, though rather to quote: "Neither the Seville Inquisition or secret societies in Italy, could not create a more powerful organization than the one that a dark shadow was creeping across the state of Utah. That organization was invisible, shrouded in mystery and therefore seemed twice as worse. She was omniscient and omnipotent, but acted invisibly and inaudibly. People who expressed the slightest doubt of the infallibility of the Mormon church, suddenly disappeared, and no one knew where he was and what happened to him. A careless word or thoughtless action inevitably led to the destruction of the guilty. People suddenly disappear forever, and all of their property goes to the church.

Initially this terrible dark force only punished rebellious — those who, having taken the Mormon faith, retreat from it or violate it dogma. Soon, however, it began to feel the more and more people. Mormons do not have enough adult women, and without the female population doctrine of polygamy becomes meaningless. And crawled strange rumors — rumors about the murder of settlers on the looting of their camps, and in those places where the Indians have never appeared. And the elders of the harems there were new women — longing, crying, with a look of horror frozen on their faces. "

Uncle Warren

Of course, you can write off these facts on the novelist's imagination ran riot. Unfortunately, Conan Doyle impartial, like his hero, the famous detective. The facts and only the facts. For more than a hundred years have passed since the writing of the book, much has changed. But Mormons — members of the ultra wing of the Mormon church, they are called fundamentalists — have remained true to themselves.

In April 2008, on a ranch in Texas, owned by fundamentalists, police and social services have found 52 girls aged from six months to 17 years. All as one dressed in an old-cut dress with long sleeves. They never left the farm and educated in the faith which preaches polygamy. The girls could not even imagine that there is any other life than the one they were. They did not know anything either about the internet, or on television, let alone on such a concept as the rights of women. The representative of the Texas Child Protective Services Marley Meisner told the press: "We are dealing with children who are not faced with the outside world."

For them, polygamy was the norm — and they felt perfectly normal, when the 14-year-old girl becomes the fifth or sixth wife, 50-year old man. Official Mormons recognize polygamy illegal in 1890, but the fundamentalists do not consider it necessary to abandon this important dogma of their faith. Not to say that their numbers are plentiful: ultraconservative Mormon has about 10,000 followers. But that's what a piquant detail: among them — the next of kin of the presidential candidate.

Thus, his great-grandfather, who did not want to give up polygamy, he moved to the Mormon colony in Mexico. There were born grandfather and father of Mitt Romney. So in essence, Mitt — perhaps the first of a family growing up in a family, in a society which is considered to be normal — with one father and one mother.

Since 2002, the head of the fundamentalist branch of the Mormon Church is Warren Steed Jeffs. Officially it is called the "president and prophet", but parishioners call him at home, "Uncle Warren." Only he has the right to match members of the church marriage. And yet — the transfer of wives and property offending men more worthy of the believers. In addition, it is with the light hand of Warren strengthened fundamentalist practices Wedding underage girls with older members of the church. Jeffs is taken care of and that his parishioners were isolated from the outside world: it limited people's access to the media, the Internet, and secular education.

He was a prophet after the death of his father — Roll Jeffs, "Uncle Roll." At the elder Jeffs were about a dozen women, and almost all of them were wives of the new head of the church. Overall, at 70 Warren Jeffs companion. True, he had seen them very, very rare: since 2007, the head of the Mormon fundamentalist is in jail on charges of rape. Among the victims — not only underage girls and the nephew of "Uncle."

Baptism for the dead

Similar stories lie dark indelible stain on the reputation of the Mormons. No wonder the Americans they are not much of a favor by putting them in the best religion paganism. Magic and spiritualism, terrible blasphemous rituals — in the minds of ordinary people all associated with the sect of the Mormons. And, of course, the conservative part of the population can not forgive Mormon polygamy. While that's the truth — the representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints really abandoned the practice of polygamy. But, as they say, osadochek something left. Yes, and other oddities of the Mormons more than enough. Infantry would take their baptism. A man with his head into the font, which stands on the backs of 12 marble bulls. And he can be baptized as many — as they say for themselves and for the guy. In the course of the so-called Mormon baptisms for the dead. That is, any person from the past can be made to the followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Enough to find a volunteer to take place for him christened. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that the series has joined the Mormon Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, our Vladimir Lenin and many other great personalities of the past.

No less blasphemous looks and custom to marry (and arbitrarily time) with dead beauties: you liked Ava Gardner or Marilyn Monroe — please, lead her to the altar. Meet you're already in a better life — in heaven. But you will meet the same! And already the legitimate spouses.

Further, they say, more. In the Holy Trinity Mormons believe Jesus and for them a simple man, who also was married three times and was able to grow up to God. The message here is clear: anyone can, like Jesus, to become a god. One need only follow the precepts of Mormon. All of them are set out in "The Book of Mormon." But what is this book so and where did it come from?

Suffered for their faith

Its author — Joseph Smith — was a very attractive young man, rumored to be very close to the Masons. They say if it was the Masons instructed him to organize the church, which apparently would be similar to one of the Christian denominations, but, in fact, would have been absolutely anti-Christian. And Smith has successfully coped with the task, "breed" the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It was so. September 21, 1823 Smith was a Moroni. Presented God's messenger, and told: "… hasten the time when the Gospel in its entirety will be preached in the power of all the families, the people could be prepared for the Millennial reign." That is before human knowledge was incomplete, and it's time to fill this gap. Smith was told that he was God's chosen weapon. So let the steps to a nearby hill and digging: there, they say, hidden in the ground, waiting for his collection of ancient writings. And it is engraved on golden plates by ancient prophets. And tell the people that the Lord had brought from Jerusalem to the Western Hemisphere as much as 600 years before the birth of Christ. Their prophet was Moroni. And that he hid the gold plates in the cache. Smith must find them, to translate into English and to bring the word of God to other people.

Disobeyed God's elect: found the golden book, written in "reformed the ancient Egyptian" language. And began to translate. At the same time each year, he met with Moroni — at one and the same day, 22 September, and got through it all knowledge.

Along the way, he married Emma Hale — and that was the first follower of the new religion. While working on the translation of Smith's regular visits — that John the Baptist, who gives him the priesthood, then the apostles Peter, James and Iaoann who dedicated it to the apostles, and thus empower the ordinances necessary for the organization of the church and salvation.

Gold plates with the revelations repeatedly tried to steal, and so, as soon as Smith coped with the translation, God withdrew him this spiritual treasure. But "The Book of Mormon" was prepared and published in print March 25, 1830. But after 11 days of its first 60 readers present at the creation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They also became its first members.

The church began to grow — and quickly. It was good to realize that it was the Americans opened the Gospel in all its fullness. Soon Smith brings to the "Book of Commandments" one more "attractive piece": the notorious practice of polygamy. In response to the legitimate indignation wife Smith said nothing wrong — had received a revelation from God, "to establish the ritual of polygamy and instructed Emma not to resist."

Emma listened to God. Other spouses also resigned to his fate. So that by 1843 polygamy among Mormons established as the main teaching of the Church. And that she has destroyed the founding father. Polygamy, as well as the secrecy that accompanied most rites of Mormon, turn off the vast majority of people who are not followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And June 27, 1844 Smith was killed — shot him simple farmers, angered by his scandalous lifestyle.

The Book of Mormon

But left his book, supposedly "the most error-free book on earth." In fact, it is very serious editing, and the right not only style. Editors had to clean the obvious semantic mistakes and chronological inconsistencies. And, yet, oddities in the "Book of Mormon" remains abound. Yes no question about it now.

Indeed, the "Book of Mormon" consists of compilations and borrowings from the Bible. But that did not stop the Mormon missionaries claim that the Smithsonian Institution is using it as a source for archaeological research. Smitsonovtsy offended and issued a formal denial. But, of course, for the followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this book is a saint. And they look at it as a document committed the history of the relationship between God and the ancient inhabitants of America.

Actually, here is the secret of success. America, devoid of roots, creates his own mythology — in fact on one Superman and Mickey Mouse will not get far. And because "The Book of Mormon", which offers a different story, the older, more thorough, more complete, and therefore the main, been claimed. And she — after the rejection of polygamy — largely meets the views of the majority of the townsfolk. Offers to be successful and at the same time humble, obey the leader, love their country, honor their parents. Mormons believe that women should occupy the home and children, and the duty of every man — to support his family and be responsible to it. All seemed very reasonable and even sometimes correctly.

But! Since the days of John Smith and still days Mormon temple rituals are confidential. Mormons do people say that they are not secret and sacred. And just because they do not allow outsiders to the church, and from taking on oath of secrecy.

There are too many secrets. That's Mitt Romney, by the way, refused to publish their tax returns on the basis that he does not want to become known for the size of his donation of the Mormon church. And I was right. Why rock the boat even more?

The Mormon church and is therefore very rich (on its books more than 30 billion dollars), all members are required to pay her 10% of their income. But, they say that the average Mormon pays up to 27% of their earnings. And do not dare to refuse. With rebellious Mormons still not much of a ceremony, no matter what the Church Fathers …


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